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Rudolph Care is determined to make a positive difference — not only to your skin, but also to the world we live in. That’s why all of our products take a sustainable approach to people and the environment.

Andrea og acai i Brasilien

In 2009, Rudolph Care became the first brand in the world to combine organic and environmental certification: COSMOS and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel both place stiff demands on ingredients, environment and health, which when applied together create a safe life cycle for the products. 

“Rudolph Care’s dual certification brings with it the basic assurance of safety, which I believe should be an industry standard. Safety, transparency and, in turn, peace of mind should be a given in all skincare products, rather than an add-on. That’s what we’re aiming for,” explains Andrea. 

At the same time, Rudolph Care is looking to challenge both beauty industry standards and consumer perceptions of luxury products and their ecological considerations. “Sustainable and environmentally-friendly products needn’t be synonymous with brown, boring and ‘less.’ They can be just as enticing and effective as their non-certified counterparts — if not better.”

To that end, all the ingredients we use are safe, and revert back to nature. Our packaging upholds strict environmental and health considerations: it is important because packaging containing harmful chemicals can contaminate the products they hold. It’s a challenging process, but one we’re serious about taking up. We’ve come a long way with our work to limit our environmental footprint, but it doesn’t end here, and we’re constantly evaluating and challenging our current packaging to find new, sustainable solutions. The journey has just begun.

But what does sustainability mean to Rudolph Care? We’re always looking to sustainable solu-tions to everything we do. First and foremost, it’s about acting responsibly and giving back to the Earth, from which we take so much. “We must meet many criteria before we can call something sustainable. The most important one is responsibility — and with that I mean that we must take responsibility ethically, economically, socially and environmentally,” Andrea explains. We use so many of our planet's resources, which has enormous consequences for both nature and humanity. Considering our resource consumption and the impact it has, as well as how we can give something back from what we take, are founding principles at Rudolph Care.

“We continuously consider and reflect upon the term sustainability, seen not only in our certifications, but also through our use of the açai berry. In our trade with the indigenous Amazonians, we play an important role in conserving the rainforest and creating an economic foundation for hundreds of families; that really encapsulates the concept of giving back.”


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