Acai, grown in Brazil

A powerhouse of beauty boosting benefits, the açai berry is the main ingredient in many of our products. Our connection to Brazil goes beyond its natural resources and the tiny purple berry makes our products more than just sustainable beauty: we enjoy a close relationship with the people who have harvested the berries for us for more than ten years. 

The shade-loving açai berry grows wild on palm trees in the lush rainforests of Brazil, ripening to its characteristic deep purple colour. For generations, it has been regarded as a natural source of energy to the indigenous people of the Amazon, to whom the açai berry harvest is an important annual event. Rudolph Care works with a local community of 150 families who harvest and prepare the precious berries for use in our creams and oils. The farmers sail along narrow streams deep inside the jungle, where the most prized berries grow under the shade of the rainforest’s palm trees. Once a year they shimmy high up the tall trunks with bare hands and a small sack wrapped around their feet to carefully handpick the berries and place them into baskets below. 

The harvested berries are then transported to nearby ports from where they make their way to our local partner who extracts and refines their oil. This is then sailed to our manufacturer in Denmark who transforms them into Rudolph Care products. Açai is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and the essential fatty acids Omega 6 & 9. But what makes the purple-hued berry entirely unique is its exceptionally high concentration of antioxidants, which lend their unique energizing and anti-ageing properties to our products — and, ultimately, to your skin.

Having visited the country many times, Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph fell in love with the Land of the Holy Cross and its people. Holding 60% of the world’s rainforest, the Amazon is the lungs of the world and one of our most valuable natural assets. Having experienced it first hand, living together in a close-knit community of berry farmers in their rainforest homes, Andrea felt humbled to have seen this part of our planet and its people in this way — and compelled to help make a difference.

Despite being far from our own tiny nation, the similarities we share with our Brazilian friends are striking: founded on the values of family, sustainability and the environment, our close collaboration is committed to making a difference, not only to our products, but also to local communities and our common natural resources. We take great pride in our partnership, knowing that we can support their local communities and play our part in sustaining the important and precious rainforests, reducing deforestation and allowing the berry to continue to thrive in its natural habitat. Our partners have now harvested the purple-hued berries for us for ten years, and we are working together to ensure they and the rainforest thrive for generations to come.

Below you can join Andrea in the Amazon.
Watch the video from when she visited our friends on the other side of the globe, as she followed the acai harvest in 2018. 





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Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream

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Acai Body Oil

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