Andrea's story

”I created Rudolph Care because I wanted it all. Beautiful skin, luxurious products and the certainty of knowing that I wasn’t filling my body and nature with harmful, endocrine-disrupting chemicals.”




Blood filled with toxins 

I was happily pregnant when in 2006 Greenpeace tested my body and blood for harmful substances as part of their chemical footprint campaign. Despite being the second-youngest of eight test subjects, I was the one who had the most chemicals in my blood. Many of these substances were proven to be harmful or suspected to be endocrine disruptors.

When I found out that many of the harmful chemicals in my body came from beauty products – from the luxurious creams, oils, soaps and toners I had pampered myself with over the years – I was both shocked and angry.


Where was the alternative?

So there I was. With toxins in my blood, my first child in my belly and anger in every fibre of my being. How could it have come to this? I quickly removed everything from my bathroom shelves and went searching for safer alternatives that could give me the daily luxury, effectiveness, exquisite fragrances and beautiful packaging that I did not want to go without, and which matter to my quality of life.

I did not think that these were unreasonable demands, but no matter how hard I looked I could not find any products that lived up to the requirements I cherished most: luxurious skincare products of high quality and visible effectiveness, free of ingredients that could harm my health, the health of my unborn child and the earth we all share.


Beauty pioneer 

I couldn’t find anything that could give me the beauty experience I was looking for. So I took up the challenge and created Rudolph Care – a collection of organic, sustainable and safe skincare products that could stand up to intense scrutiny. Products in which every ingredient can be traced and carries documentation of its beneficial effect. And which offered a safe and luxurious everyday beauty experience.

Rudolph Care is the first skincare brand in the world to combine organic certification with environmental certification. The combination of the organic Cosmos certification and the Nordic Ecolabel mean that every Rudolph Care product lives up to the strict requirements for contents, environment and health. So you can enjoy your beauty luxuries with a clean conscience.


Organic shampoo, sunscreen, children's skincare & the worlds first nordic ecolabled perfume


But we haven’t stopped there. In 2014, we developed a Nordic Ecolabelled and effective sunscreen range, Rudolph Sun & Rudolph Sun Kids, and in spring 2016 we launched a Nordic Ecolabelled and exclusive hair range, Rudolph Hair. And soon we’ll reveal yet another world first that will rock established standards just as Rudolph Care did when it first saw the light of day. Stay tuned!

I’m proud to have created Rudolph Care. Proud to unite two worlds that should not be separate – luxury and sustainability. I’m proud to make effective, organic, sustainable beauty products that are also luxurious. And I hope that you love the products just as much as I do. 


All my best,  
Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

Instantly Smoothing Serum

30 ml
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A Hint of Summer

50 ml
345,00 kr.
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Acai Body Oil

200 ml
495,00 kr.
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Acai Cleansing Milk

100 ml
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