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“If you have dry ends or your hair looks a bit dull, it may need an extra nourishing conditioner treatment. Every now and then I use Forever Soft Conditioner as a treatment and allow it to sit on my hair for 30 minutes. I like to wrap a towel around my head so the conditioner can really do its repair work while I eat breakfast or do something else. Then it’s back into the shower where I rinse thoroughly and just enjoy the wonderful results.” Andrea

Forever Soft Conditioner has a wonderful creamy texture and a mild fragrance with notes of raspberry and violet. The natural ingredients leave the hair soft, healthy and easy to comb, without making it heavy, flat and greasy.




Forever Soft Conditioner

240 ml
245,00 kr.
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Blossom Shampoo Travelsize

50 ml
75,00 kr.
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Forever Soft Conditioner

Forever Soft Conditioner UK

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