The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Ecolabel is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. The purpose of the Nordic Ecolabel is to reduce the environmental impact of consumption to benefit people, the environment and the Earth’s resources. For these reasons, the Nordic Ecolabel sets stringent environmental requirements on all phases of the product life cycle – and stringent requirements for chemicals to protect the environment and your health.

Skin and hair products featuring the Nordic Ecolabel are absolutely free of methylisothiazolinone (MI) and other preservatives classified as allergenic. These products nor contain other suspected endocrine disruptors found on the European Union's list. Furthermore, they are completely free of microplastics.

The Nordic Ecolabel also sets stringent requirements for beauty product packaging – in terms of the amount and type of packaging. 

”Rudolph Care leads the way with the Nordic Ecolabel certification. It shows consumers and other manufacturers that exclusive beauty products can be both gentle to the environment and to us humans. The Nordic Ecolabel views products as complete entities, from raw ingredients to manufacturing, use, disposal, recycling, and this perspective is what gives the Nordic Ecolabel its strength. When you choose a product certified with the Nordic Ecolabel, you contribute to driving product development in a more sustainable direction.”

Martin Fabiansen, Director of Ecolabelling Denmark


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