COSMOS is the Europe-wide certification for organic cosmetics and is used in more than 45 countries. Products carrying the COSMOS certification always feature information on the percentage of natural ingredients, and the percentage of organic ingredients.

To obtain the COSMOS Organic certification, at least 95 % of the ingredients must be natural. In addition, at least 10 % of the ingredients in products that can be washed off, and at least 20 % of the ingredients in products that cannot be washed off must be organic. Finally, at least 95 % of the natural oils and extracts in the product must be organic. COSMOS also verifies that the ingredients are produced responsibly and with respect for the environment.

The requirements of the Nordic Ecolabel and COSMOS ensure that processing and manufacturing must take place with regard for the environment and employees. And when it comes to packaging, Rudolph Care is beautifully packaged in accordance with the specific requirements of both labels. 

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