Your daily Christmas treat

… is a green tip for sustainable gift wrapping. 

Our gifts generate joy and wellness, but unfortunately they often come with a lot of wrapping that very quickly ends up as waste. Luckily, you can avoid it by following our tips below.


Go find the prettiest of good quality boxes and use them as gift wrapping – potentially accompanied by a big bow. The box can be used over and over as new gift wrapping – or it can turn out to be decorative home interior once it’s been unwrapped. Maybe you already have some gift boxes from previous gifts – maybe one from Rudolph Care? Bring them back to life and wrap new joys in them this Christmas. 

Fabric wrapping 

Maybe you’ve got some leftover fabric or a piece of clothing you never get to wear? Cut it and wrap your gifts in it. With a bow and ribbons as you wish. Fabric doesn’t fray or curl as paper – and therefore it’s ideal for using again and again. If you want to spend a little extra, you can make the wrapping a gift on its own – get yourself a beautiful tea towel for wrapping. It leaves you with a gift that leaves no leftovers when it comes to gift wrapping. 

Magazines & newspapers

It takes a bit more finesse and creativity, but old magazines and newspapers are in fact perfect for gift wrapping. The colored pages, the stories and the photos give your gifts an untraditional look and can often lead to exciting talks about the printed words and their anecdotes.

The 3 tips have reuse in common. New life to stuff that bring personality and joy more than once. We hope that you’ll pass on the tips – and remember them for years to come. We acknowledge that gift wrapping is a tiny drop in a very big Christmas sea – but why not do good and green wherever we can?

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