Your daily Christmas treat


… is all about Christmas feels as Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph guides you how to keep up with the Christmas spirit. 

Tip no. 1

“Rom com galore”

Forget the world around you for a while and let yourself loose in soft romance and Christmas spirit with romantic comedies. We’re confronted with the horrors of the world all the time and it’s both hard and extremely important – though it can indeed foster the desire for a happy ending. For me this desire can be tamed by engaging in rom-coms that are way over the top and yet all I need. Watch Pretty Woman, Love Actually, The Holiday, Eat Pray Love, Notting Hill, Bridget Jones, Music & Lyrics, 13 going 30. I could go on. Something happened to movies in the 90’s and 00’s and it’s balm for my soul when everything’s tough. It’s also a good icebreaker to finally reach just the right Christmas feels.

Tip no. 2

Christmas baking ”en masse”

Try out Christmas baking! I’ve not engaged in the fine arts of baking for the past couple of years, so this year it’s going to happen. One of my kids has a sensitive tummy that doesn’t tolerate much, so the Christmas baking is going to get a bit more advanced this year. We’ll be baking without wheat and milk and I’m looking forward to experimenting. I can’t wait to bake all the traditional Danish Christmas cookies – and I have no doubt that we’ll find alternatives to the traditional ingredients without compromising on deliciousness.

Tip no. 3

The hand-written Christmas card

A thing I really enjoy reserving time for is writing Christmas cards. In fact I insist on doing it – though my arm gets exhausted. Fortunately the writer’s cramp is outnumbered by the many joys that the sincere letters and words bring me. I write in cursive that most people can’t read (very fast at least), but I adore breathing life into the almost extinct way of writing. Give yourself some time to find the prettiest cards or make your own – and find your finest pen for writing. Writing these cards brings me the best of Christmas feelings and thoughts on the year that’s almost over.

Tip no. 4

Use your senses

Seek out the many sensations of Christmas. Spruce, hot wine and fresh gift wrapping. Carnations in oranges, Christmas lights in the streets, the generosity, the warmth, mandarins and marzipan. I’m sure that I do myself a favor when I stock up on warmth and light for when January meets me in a little while. In general I believe that January should be just as gorgeous and pampering as December.

Tip no. 5


My final advice to find the Christmas spirit is dedicating some time for an extra thought. Through the Christmas month, gratitude meets me continuously. Gratitude for all I’ve got. The thought grows in my mind and takes all kinds of considerations with it. I’m considering my goals and my motivation, the importance of the people around me, how happy I am for my kids’ good health – and my own. A retrospect to the year that’s almost over and a sneak peek into the one that’s coming. Is there anything I should change, or something I should do better? Something that needs more attention? At work, within me, within my family? I love Christmas time for its sentimental charm that naturally brings warmth and reflected thoughts with it.

I hope that my advice will help you get in the Christmas mood and I wish you a lovely December 14th. 


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