Your daily Christmas treat

Let it glow let it glow let it glow. 

Today’s treat is the third glow guide this Christmas – and this one is all about Acai Facial Oil, the ultimate glow provider. Dark, golden drops of pure, organic acai oil extracted from the rich acai berries of Amazonas. 

Acai is exceptionally rich in antioxidants – in fact there’s twice as much as you’d find in blueberries. On and within your skin antioxidants protect it from degradation and embraces it with nourishing and strengthening care.

Facial Oil Limited Edition fra Rudolph Care - 30 ml

Acai Facial Oil is natural glow in the shape of powerful drops. In an instant it brings a vital glow to your skin and if you use it continuously over time it’ll provide balance and a healthy, replenished radiance. Dedicate some time to massage the oil into your skin – it’ll help the skin to absorb the oil optimally, increasing blood circulation that contributes with even more glow. 


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