Your daily Christmas treat

… sheds light on a green rule of thumb – the five R’s. 

Refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle. These are the five R’s that make up the ideal markers for a greener lifestyle. Let us explain them to you… 


By thinking a bit more about saying no to what doesn’t suit your or the environment’s wellbeing you can become a much greener consumer. During Christmas you should try and give your shopping list and the many gifts an extra thought in advance. If you can begin to refuse stuff in favor of greener alternatives you’ve already come pretty far.


By reducing your consumption you become greener, and it might sound boring, we know, though it doesn’t necessarily mean compromise. Through Christmas the level of unnecessary purchases very quickly reaches at peak. Maybe you can begin reducing just a bit this year? 


Use what you have and buy less. Make vintage the key word in your hunt for gifts and it’ll help you to embrace the term of reuse. Consider what you need and what you really don’t need.


Before throwing a thing away, try to reconsider its function and see if you can give it new life. Maybe you can make a homemade gift from something you don’t use anymore – your imagination is your only limit. 


Recycling is all about passing it on instead of destroying it. An example would be sorting your trash at home. Plastic, cardboard, paper, metal and food waste are the most common waste categories where great amounts of resources still hide. You can pass on these resources instead of just disposing of them. Sort gift wrapping as paper, if you can’t use it again. And in general do think about the materials you dispose of – are you sorting them correctly? 


The five R’s overlap and complement each other in many ways and together they form the foundation for a green philosophy. Feel your way, experiment with the green mindset and remember that everything starts small and grows big over time – also your new, sustainable (Christmas)-life style. Have fun! 

Rudolph Care 

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