Your daily Christmas treat 

… is this year’s fourth and final advent competition filled with lustrous prizes. 

The prize of the final advent competition is first and foremost a pair of perfectly unique earrings from Maregold that’s created with joined forces from goldsmith Rebecca Elbek and Marie Worsaae. The earrings hold a story that begins in Mexico with a genuine wish to combine traditional craftsmanship with precious metal. The stunning earrings are designed with traditional glass pearls, just like they’ve been used through time for traditional Mexican jewelry. They’re created in a local workshop by Mexican women who, together with Rebecca and Marie, make the earrings. By supporting the traditional craftsmanship of the women, Maregold take part in ensuring and bolstering the female society and their unique crafts. The icing on the cake is the combination of the traditional crafts and the 14ct gold in a beautiful and unique design. 

Maregold x Rudolph Care - 4th advent competition 2019

Maregold x Rudolph Care - 4. søndag i advent

Along with the earrings you’ll receive Rudolph Care products that ensure glowing skin with Acai Facial Scrub Mask, Mist Delight, Moisture Delight, A Hint of Summer, Acai Facial Oil, Golden Kiss Body Oil – and our signature fragrance, Signature Notes Huile de Parfum.


Earrings from Maregold (14ct gold), value: 3200 DKK

Products from Rudolph Care, value: 2765 DKK


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