Your daily Christmas treat 

… is your final glow guide this year.

And it’s for you who want to seek out the last glow and glitter before Christmas and New Year’s. That you can do with Golden Kiss Body Oil. Golden Kiss Body Oil is quite the universal glow provider due to its many uses. 

1) Nourishing body oil

The golden drops nourish your skin deeply with oils from jojoba, acai and sweet almond, among other. In fact, Golden Kiss Body Oil is closely related to Acai Body Oil, where only the natural golden shimmer separates them. The intense nourishment from the oil alone brings a gorgeous glow to your skin. 

Golden Kiss Body Oil - krops olie fra Rudolph Care
2) Glitter, oh, glitter

Not only is your skin provided with loving care from Golden Kiss Body Oil – it also makes it shimmer. Discretely and naturally, though remarkably, it brings shine to arms, legs, collarbone and shoulders – a shine that makes up the perfect contrast to the cold of winter. It also goes perfectly hand in hand with the glittering  warmth of Christmas.

3) Natural highlighter and eye makeup 

A final tip: Add Golden Kiss Body Oil to your makeup shelf. Gently pat it onto cheekbones and above the eyelids and see how both the oil and the natural shimmer gives you a glossy look. 

If you’re after more guidance to glow, you can also read our glow guides to A Hint of Summer, Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet and Acai Facial Oil

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