Your daily Christmas treat

… is all about a green tip for the sustainable Christmas tree

The tree may be green, but how green is the Christmas tradition really? Views differ on what’s best and most sustainable – but no matter your philosophy we’ll guide you to different kinds of sustainable solutions for this year’s Christmas tree.

1. An organic tree delivered on a bike

(only in Copenhagen, sorry for that)

This year at the Rudolph Care headquarter, we’ve decided to get an organic tree that’s going to decorate our Valby office. We got it from the organic Christmas tree delivery service called Jul Til Døren that deliver their Christmas trees to the entire capital of Copenhagen on a fine, CO2-neutral cargo bike. When you go for an organic Christmas tree, you go for growing without the use of pesticides – this is good for the ground water and our general surroundings and we’re quite fond of that in Rudolph Care. 

Juletræ 2019

2. The circular one in a plant pot

The most circular Christmas tree you can get is the one that returns to nature when Christmas is over. This is a service that 100% ØKO provides. They deliver your Christmas tree in a plant pot at your house, and when Christmas is over they pick it back up and plant it in nature again for it to live on. If you wish, you can also plant one in your own garden instead of having it picked up. This new way of having a Christmas tree gives the tree the chance to return to nature and continue to absorb CO2 – we’re big fans!


3. The alternative, immortal one – without spruce

If the real deal is not what’s right in your house, you can go for the alternative that doesn’t leave spruce all over. For instance, Habitree make some quite fine interpretations of Christmas trees that are both certified with FSC and The Nordic Swan Ecolabel. 


4. One final tiny tip… 

If you’re going to cut your own tree or if you’re buying it at your local Christmas tree supplier; go for the quirky tree. Most likely they’re the ones that don’t get picked and end up as a wasted resource. 

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