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Økologisk, bæredygtig solcreme og antiage serum rudolph Care

Serum & sunscreen

The combination of serum that provides your skin with moisture, antioxidants and tightening with sunscreen’s hydrating UV protection is a true summer favourite at Rudolph Care. The sun’s UV rays generate countless free radicals that age the skin – even though you are well-protected by your sunscreen. But because the serum’s antioxidant ingredients neutralise free radicals, you get double protection. And you’re also minimising the ageing the sun causes to your skin. The bonus is that the serum also smooths and refines your skin’s surface, so the combination of Anti-Ageing Serum and Sun Face Cream gives you beautiful and protected skin.

Økologisk, bæredygtig acai olie og ansigtsmist rudolph Care

Mist & oil  

Facial Mist and Facial Oil make a fabulous daily duo – especially if hydrated skin with a healthy glow is on your agenda. The mist prepares your skin with moisture while it calms and minimises redness, and the Facial Oil fills the skin with moisture, elasticity and radiance. The combination is great because the mist helps the oil absorb into the skin when you apply a fine mist to the face just prior to the oil. That’s why this duo is a must if you have dry skin or just love having a moisturised glow.


Rudolph Care økologisk body lotion og body oil luksus

Lotion & oil

It may sound a bit strange, combining Body Lotion and Body Oil, but it’s an excellent blend if you have seriously dry skin. Body Lotion is so light in texture and absorbs so quickly that you almost don’t feel it on, and it drenches the skin with moisture in a single application. But if you combine the Lotion with an application of Body Oil, you will experience even more beautiful and supple skin. The softness from the oil gives your skin more life, it accentuates your colour and lends a golden vitality to the skin. Apply Body Lotion first, then Body Oil. Andrea adores this blend and loves to use it on arms and legs – or everywhere, if she feels like her skin needs a little extra luxury.

In the summertime, you can also try swapping out the oil for Sun Body Oil during the day for gorgeous skin that’s also protected from the sun.

Rudolph Care ansigtsrens og skrubbemaske økologisk bæredygtig hudpleje

Foam & Scrub

Cleansing Foam is a refreshing, silky-light cleanser in itself and Facial Mask – which is both a moisturising mask and a circulation-boosting exfoliator – is an absolute must-have in daily life. But combined, the two products give you a new third experience, and a new third texture. Mix two-three pumps of Cleansing Foam with a generous dollop of Facial Scrub between moistened palms. The blend has a unique foamy lightness that cleanses and gently exfoliates at the same time. You add more moisture and suppleness to the skin when you blend the oil-rich Facial Mask with the foam, and your skin will feel cleansed and refined without a hint of grease.


Rudolph Care økologisk bæredygtig selvbruner

Colour & Moisture

With summer’s capricious sunshine, it can sometimes be necessary to cheat a little on the bronzed skin front. A Hint of Summer ensures you a safe tan, and if you prep the skin correctly beforehand, no one will ever know that the sun hasn’t been shining on you. Exfoliation and a good application of moisture are musts before using self-tanner, but if you boost A Hint of Summer with Anti-Ageing Serum you’ll get lovelier skin than you expect. That’s because the serum smooths, softens and refines the outer layer of the skin. Kind of a shame that you can’t get a serum for the entire body…  


Acai Body Balm

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Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream Travelsize

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Smooth Operator Serum

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Gentle Cleansing Foam

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Sun Stick

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Sun Body Lotion SPF 15

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Sun Body Lotion SPF 30 - Shimmer Edition

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Aftersun Repair Spray

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