10 alternative ways to use Lip Balm


Lip Balm on your cheekbones and brow bones works as a natural highlighter. The balm is smooth and non-greasy, creating a subtle gleam on the skin that lasts for hours.



You can also use a bit of Lip Balm on your eyelids. The balm’s glossy consistency creates a gorgeous natural look and, if you use eyeliner, you can really smudge out the colour with just a little Lip Balm. If you like shimmer, glitter, or maybe even wearing small sequins on your lids, then Lip Balm makes a fabulous fixative.



Lip Balm makes cuticles soft and supple. When you apply Lip Balm to your lips, make it a habit to massage the excess balm into your cuticles. They’ll look amazing.



Any and all dry spots will love a layer of Lip Balm. If you’ve had a cold, you can help your irritated nose recover faster with a thin application of Lip Balm protection. Shea butter provides long-acting protection and the benefits do not wear off even when you eat or take a shower - or blow your nose.



Use Lip Balm on your brows! Apply a tiny dab to your brows as a natural, soft and slightly glossy brow gel. Clean an old mascara wand and use it to brush your brows and set them with Lip Balm.


Lip Balm is made from nourishing oils – olive, jojoba, coconut, almond and acai – that repair and rebuild the skin’s natural barriers. That’s why it also works so wonderfully on cuts, scrapes and wounds to the skin which need calming, soothing support in order to heal. Warm a little Lip Balm between your fingers and gently dab it onto the injured area.



If your eye area is very dry, Lip Balm makes an excellent eye mask. Cleanse your skin and apply Lip Balm liberally to the area. But be careful not to apply too much balm close to your eyes – Lip Balm in the eyes makes the world look like a veiled Snapchat filter. Allow the balm to work its magic for 10 minutes and carefully dab it away.



Mix your lipstick with Lip Balm for the loveliest of lip colours. Put a dab of Lip Balm on the back of your hand. Take a lip brush and swipe it lightly across your lipstick, then blend the colour with the balm on the back of your hand. Dab the mixture on your lips using a fingertip or apply with your lip brush.



When you’ve finished the product, wash out the Lip Balm pot and fill it with sun cream, headache tablets or anything else you need to take along in your bag or on a short trip. You can also use the pot to hold small earrings and thin necklaces when you travel or go to the beach.



An empty box can also inspire rainy day fun for the kids. They can decorate the box with their favourite stickers and use it to hold small but special treasures.



Mothers adore homemade gifts, and the Lip Balm Kit makes a sweet gift for her – and the kids. Have fun making lip balms together, or create your own before Sunday and surprise Mum with a personalised, heartfelt and homemade gift.



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Acai Lip Balm

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