3 tips for stressed autumn skin

September has been sunny and warm, but autumn is certainly making its presence known now that October is here. As much as we love this beautiful time of the year, the change in the weather can really take its toll on your skin’s natural balance. Rainy days and changing temperatures can stress the skin, leaving many of us with skin that is extra sensitive, dry or prone to breakouts.

The best way to prevent stressed skin is to feed it with moisture – and that goes for all skin types. Acai Anti-Stress Facial Cream is a soothing cream that provides plenty of moisture, de-stresses and helps maintain the skin’s natural balance. The cream is loaded with nutritious SOS ingredients such aloe vera, witch hazel and chamomile, which have a calming effect, and organic oils and shea butter, which soften and nourish your skin. So bring on the autumn weather, the pressures of everyday life and other stress factors!


3 tips for stressed autumn skin

Acai Anti-Stress Facial Cream is the perfect day cream when your skin is reacting to the weather and other stress factors, and it can also be used at night, when the nourishing ingredients really get the chance to do their thing – deep down. So you and your skin wake up with renewed energy and a beautiful glow!

De-stress your skin with organic chamomile tea. Chamomile has a wonderfully calming effect, so make a cup for yourself and one for your skin, and leave to infuse for several minutes. Once completely cooled, gently dab your face with a cotton pad dipped in the chamomile tea. Simple but effective!

With Acai Anti-Stress Facial Cream a little goes a long way, and you only need one press of the pump to get the full effect of the cream. If your skin is very dry, or you’re lacking that extra glow, the cream can be used together with Acai Anti-Ageing Facial Oil.


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