5 lovely things I’m looking forward to in September


Something I’m really looking forward to is gathering together the entire Rudolph Care family again – the whole team. Last year we experienced the wonderful, but also challenging situation of having 75% of all full-time Rudolph Care staff being pregnant and due to give birth at the same time!! Wow! It was enough to give a pregnant boss a few beads of sweat on her brow – and to put together a plan. It’s been a year since then and in September, the last new mum will return to the team after enjoying a long, lovely maternity leave. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. Things have gone really well for Rudolph Care during the maternity leave period because the remaining team (those who were not pregnant) and the backup team who came on board have all been awesome, meeting every single challenge with flying colours. But now that everyone is back and we’ve added some great new people, we’re ready to take the next step. Energy levels are high, motivation is up and the Rudolph ladies are ‘hungry’ – so I know September is going to be fabulous! 


I’ve planned an entire day for the team to enjoy ourselves and do everything except actually work. We’ve set aside the whole day and evening for our special time together, and it promises to be filled with surprises, pampering, and hopefully, lots of laughs. It’s going to be so much fun. 



I’m very much looking forward to celebrating my son Alfred’s first birthday on September 11. I adore birthdays, but the first one is always extra special. September 11 wasn’t really my first choice in terms of a birthday date for Alfred, but as my midwife said, we need all the love we can get on that date, and she was absolutely right. I’ve since found out that Alfred shares his birthday date with both Lars HUG and Preben Elkær, so it’s not that bad of a date after all. 



Another September date that I’m always looking forward to is the annual collection day for Save the Children, when I go out with my husband, children and dog to knock on doors and fundraise. It’s one of our family traditions.

The kids learn a lot, we’re out as a family, we have fun and chat along the way, we meet a lot of people, and together we’re doing something to make a big difference for a lot of children who are refugees and in need. It just gives us a wonderful feeling. My kids find it interesting, and I think that it’s important that they learn about helping others and understanding that unfortunately, many children do not live a privileged life as they do.

It’s always a great day, and this Sunday was, too. It was actually so good that the kids and I beat our all-time collection record. Yes!

PS. The children simply could not understand that some people did not want to donate. How could anyone not want to help, they asked. Couldn’t they give just a little? And they are absolutely right – just make a small donation. It’s better than nothing. If you weren’t home when the fundraisers came by on Sunday, it’s not too late to donate. Just visit this link!



One last thing I look forward to this September are the many exciting Rudolph Care development meetings lined up in the calendar. I have a huge amount of drive and zeal to continually improve our products, and to develop new ones for existing collections. Developing products is a large part of my work and my daily life. I am always seeking inspiration and can find it in the oddest places – often somewhere that has nothing to do with beauty products. I love learning more about ingredients, techniques and fascinating new research in the world of beauty, so development meetings with labs and cool nerds are one of my very favourite things.


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