5 skincare mistakes you don’t need to make

Bliv klogere på hvordan du undgår fem klassiske hudplejefejl

1. Do you cleanse even more to prevent blemished or stressed skin?

Most of us know the feeling of slight panic that arises if the skin reacts with breakouts; for example, in the form of blemished skin or dry spots. And in this situation, it’s easy to be tempted to think that the face needs extra cleansing during periods of stress. Unfortunately, the truth is quite the opposite! In fact, too much cleansing and harsh products dry out the skin and destroy its natural balance.

Instead, try combating irritated, blemished and stressed skin with just a few products that don’t contain too many active ingredients. Acai Cleansing Milk cleanses the skin gently and effectively with the help of a vegetable-based coconut oil extract, while aloe vera and purple coneflower calm and soothe, and sweet almond oil and acai oil provide moisture. It restores and balances dry, sensitive and oily skin and is a true life-saver during reactive skin phases.

Broken out, stressed and irritated skin can also be remedied with plenty of moisture. Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream was developed for the purpose of destressing your skin and it is filled with natural SOS ingredients such as aloe vera, witch hazel and chamomile to minimize redness and irritation, while organic oils and shea butter enrich the skin with moisture for renewed energy and a luminous glow. Use it as either a day or night cream when your skin needs soothing care and moisture. 

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2. Do you remember to use sunscreen all year round?

Our Nordic climate may not offer long sunny days all year round, but that doesn’t mean that sunscreen is only for summer use! One of the most brilliant tips for preventing fine lines or hyperpigmentation is to use SPF every day of the year, in order to protect the skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Sun Face Cream is a rich, nourishing sunscreen that shields delicate skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The cream is also packed with moisture-boosting ingredients including wheat germ to rejuvenate skin and apple extract to renew cells, making the product ideal for use as a moisturizer all year round.

Pssst… could your skin use an extra firming and antioxidant boost? Combine Sun Face Cream with Acai Anti-ageing Serum – they make a fabulous couple for creating smooth, flawless and well-protected skin.

Bliv klogere på hvordan du undgår fem klassiske hudplejefejl

3. Do you forget to exfoliate your skin?

One of the easiest ways to attain gorgeous, glowing skin while also getting the most from your products is to remember to exfoliate your body and face. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells that sit in a layer on top of your skin, making it difficult for your moisturizing products to penetrate and causing your skin texture to look uneven. But it’s crucial that you use exfoliating products that don’t scratch the skin! Acai Facial Scrub Mask contains micro granules derived from acai berry and apricot to gently and effectively remove dead skin cells and impurities. The non-abrasive exfoliation process helps deliver the mask’s nourishing ingredients down into the skin and stimulates circulation, so the skin achieves a radiant new glow. For optimum results, use the mask twice a week.

A tip from Andrea
“I like to let it work for a long time because it allows the skin to soak up all it needs from the mask. You can remove any residue with a cotton pad wrung out in warm water. That way you’ll avoid rinsing off all the wonderful oil that will protect and nourish your skin for the rest of the day.” 

Bliv klogere på hvordan du undgår fem klassiske hudplejefejl

4. Do you remember to cleanse both morning and evening?

A classic skincare error that many of us make is forgetting to cleanse our skin both morning and evening. And actually both are equally important when it comes to achieving healthy, balanced skin and getting the most from your products.

Your skin regenerates itself during the night when it eliminates waste products and other impurities that reside on the skin’s surface. If you neglect cleansing your skin to remove waste products in the morning, and you apply your moisturizer immediately, it can be difficult for your skin to absorb all the good, moisture-boosting ingredients – and your moisturizer cannot perform to its full potential. Make it a habit to begin the day with a gentle foaming cleanser such as Acai Cleansing Foam, that removes impurities, oil and bacteria so your skin can breathe better and is ready to absorb the moisture from your serum and daytime moisturizer.

When you cleanse your skin in the evening, you’re removing the day’s dirt and makeup so your skin can regenerate more easily during the night and avoid developing impurities. To deep-cleanse the skin, it may be necessary to wash twice. First, remove makeup and everyday dirt with a mild cleansing milk like Acai Cleansing Milk. Next, massage your face and neck with the soft, purifying bubbles of Acai Cleansing Foam and rinse with warm water – and you’ll be assured of having completely clean skin, ready for your night cream and beauty sleep.

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5. Is your skin getting enough moisture?

If your skin is lacking moisture, it quickly shows – and your skin becomes dull, matte and dry looking. Invest in a good moisturizer that suits your skin type: If your skin is dry, blotchy or unbalanced, then Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream is a perfect choice. It’s packed with calming ingredients that bring your skin back into balance, protecting it from wind, harsh weather, everyday stressors and other factors. If your skin has lost its elasticity, radiance or is just a bit dull looking, then Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream was made for you. It’s not quite as rich in terms of texture, but it’s brimming with anti-ageing ingredients that will keep your skin supple and smooth.

If your skin needs additional moisture or a firming lift, try Acai Anti-ageing Serum. Remember that your serum can’t replace your moisturizer, but should be applied beneath it for a more flawless look, immediate firming action and locked-in moisture. 

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