5 things I’m looking forward to in June


I look forward to celebrating all of our June birthdays, because they are always really cosy and nice. There are many ‘summer children’ in our family, and June especially is filled with birthdays. Since it seems a bit crazy to invite the same people to celebrate several events so close to each other, we’ll be combining some birthdays.

This year we are having Oskar’s and Alma’s birthday on the same day – we did that last year when we came up with a pretty smart concept. We shared the day so it was Alma’s birthday in the morning and Oskar’s in the afternoon. That way, they each had their own birthday party.

We invited guests to brunch and decorated with all of Alma’s favourites: A “Frost” theme and pink balloons, pink tablecloths and decorations that were just about her. Then we ate birthday cake and had a balloon dance in the garden. The guests were told in advance that the morning belonged to Alma, so when they arrived they only brought her presents and the songs were just for her.

The afternoon was dedicated to Oskar, so after a little break when we changed the decorations and tablecloth so everything was blue and green and football-related, it was his birthday. Then the guests came in again, this time with gifts for Oskar – they were completely into the concept. Oskar’s birthday wish was for us all to go out bowling, and then we went home to the garden and grilled burgers in the evening. It worked for everyone – so we’ll do it again.



I’m looking forward – mixed with a bit of nervousness – to the expansion of our summer house, which is underway now. I’ve been involved in apartment renovations before, so construction processes are not new to me, but this is somewhat special. It’s a place I really care about. My shoulders relax as soon as I arrive here and this is an important place for me.

The house is a small 1960’s cottage, 50 square meters in size, with no TV, dishwasher or luxuries. I bought the place in 2003 when I was single and had no children. Now we are two adults and five children, and since we want to keep coming here we are expanding and making some changes.

The plan includes children’s rooms and a new kitchen for mum. It must continue to be cosy and cottage-like, so I’m looking forward to putting in a new, old kitchen so we maintain the style. We’ve turned to Genbyg (genbyg.dk – an online store for used building materials) for old windows and materials that we can use, so it’s quite exciting.

I’ve been talked into allowing a TV and I also think that there’s room for a dishwasher. We expect to finish in July, when summer vacation starts.



Naturally, I’m looking forward to summer vacation, which we’ll take together with all our children. We are a blended family that’s comprised of some children we have with us all the time, some half of the time and some a bit less. So when everyone is free from school, kindergarten and the crèche, we’ll be together! It’s the best time.

The funny thing is that when we ask the kids what they want to do for the summer holidays, they say that they prefer to be at the summer house and spend their days having picnics on the beach and fishing for crabs. Summer in the country with time and tranquility can be something special, and the simple things in life come into the forefront. It’s about days spent jumping on the trampoline in the garden, playing croquet, lying in your room and reading a book when the weather is a bit wet. Perhaps it’s also to do with eating somewhat differently in the summer – for example, you may want to eat Nutella in the summer house, and enjoy a sugary breakfast once in a while.



St. John’s Eve is one of the days I look forward to in June. Since having Isolde, I’ve made it a tradition to hold St. John’s Eve at the summer house. There are 60 adults and 40 children in the garden! It’s an event that can only take place if the weather is good, but it’s usually so cosy.

I provide garden torches, the barbecue, the bonfire, the witch effigy and the welcome drinks – and I coordinate the others to take care of the rest. Guests arrive with picnic baskets with blankets and plates and cutlery and food and drinks. If St. John’s Eve falls on a weekend – like this year, when it’s on a Friday – it usually turns into a party with guitar playing around the fire, fun and chatting late into the night.


And I’m looking forward to the new balm, Mommy & Me, finally, FINALLY being ready at the end of June. I’ve been really excited about it for a long time, and this product for mother and baby has really been a tough birth.

As with everything else at Rudolph Care, we have not compromised on the development of this balm. My wish has always been that it must be multi-purpose, luxurious AND meet our usual certifications – Cosmos and Nordic Swan Ecolabel. But it must also be non-allergenic, so it has also been approved by the Allergy Certified and Asthma & Allergy certifications.

There are a great many requirements to meet, so development has taken almost two years and has included many tests on many baby’s bottoms to make the Balm into what it should be.

I had a period of really sore and chapped nipples with the Little Guy, and I used Mommy & Me to calm and heal the skin. It helped without being harmful or uncomfortable to the baby. So the Balm has really withstood the ultimate test. I’ve also diligently slathered the baby with Balm after his bath, during diaper changes, on dry spots, and I’ve used it on my caesarean scar to keep the skin supple.

So I’m really looking forward to sharing it with expectant mums and mothers of small children who can spoil themselves and their kids with it. And I hope that others also appreciate the fact that the Balm comes in two sizes. The little jar is brilliant for the diaper bag!


Love, Andrea 

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