5 things I’m looking forward to in November


Christmas prep. To some extent I’m already in the Christmas spirit – maybe it’s the darkness and the colder weather, which call out for extra cosiness. Another reason is that we have children with other parents and therefore don’t spend the entire month of December together with all the kids. So I’m tempted to start all the Christmas stuff early in mid-November, because I really want to pack in lots of Yuletide fun, and enjoy the ornaments and the lights and everything else that the Christmas season has to offer.


First Sunday in Advent. We’ve been invited to my parents’ house to relax and have Sunday dinner. All the siblings will be gathered together and it’s always super cosy.


There’s already something to look forward to as early as tomorrow. I’ve been invited on stage at the Gazelle Awards in Aalborg. For the second year in a row, Rudolph Care has been nominated as a Gazelle company, and that’s something I’m very proud of. Last year, 75 percent of Rudolph Care’s full-time staff went on maternity leave at the same time, and it was something of a challenge for a business as small as ours. That’s why I am extra proud of the Gazelle nomination this time round. I’ll be speaking at the event this year, and I’ve considered talking about how it really pays to create good conditions for your employees. And how they should be treated the way that you would want to be treated. You have to be generous, because it reaps rewards in the form of happy and dedicated staff. We need to bring good solid values into the business world.


Mads og Monopolet (a Danish radio show). I’m going to be on the show on Saturday, 12 November along with actor Nicolaj Kopernikus and journalist Kim Bildsøe. It’s always so much fun.


Yoga. This November, I really need to remember to go to some yoga classes.


Så sjovt var det sidste gang, jeg gæstede Mads og Monopolet....

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