Make lip balm for their friends (and yourself)

Andrea and Isolde’s Lip Balm Kit is the perfect autumn half-term holiday activity. The kit contains all the ingredients you need for four lovely lip balms, which have to be melted together and poured into small pots. Decorate with cool stickers and give the lip balms away as gifts. If you can bear to part with them, that is!


Mini MGP dolls

The Danish children’s TV channel DR Ramasjang is currently airing a fun programme called Mini MGP (mini Eurovision Song Contest), in which the artists and audience are imaginative homemade toilet roll dolls. You make the dolls and send them in to DR – all dolls are welcome. They just have to be made from (empty) toilet rolls and whatever decorative bits and pieces you have at hand. So grab your glue gun, glitter and old odds and ends. See more here.


Audio books and cookie decorating

Borrow audio books from the library or find them on Mofibo or similar streaming services, and make something together while you listen. Why not try cutting and pasting (Mini MGP dolls?), drawing, or perhaps decorating cookies with icing and sprinkles to eat later? You could also just veg out on the sofa...


Start getting ready for Christmas

It’ll be Christmas before you know it, so why not make a start on your Christmas preparations now? The kids will probably be totally up for the idea. Make lists of what you want to bake, make and do in December and get the recipes out now. And while you’re at it, you can make a start on the gløgg (Scandinavian Christmas punch) and gingerbread dough. The kids can write their wish lists or watch YouTube videos showing how to make Christmas decorations, as inspiration for their own decorations. Spend a day on it, then put it away until December – otherwise you’ll be sick of elves and cinnamon before Christmas even starts!


Clear out and give away (Mødrehjælpen/Mothers’ help)

Kill two birds with one stone and use the holiday as an opportunity for a clear-out while doing a good deed. Go through all your toys, teddies and clothes piles, pulling out anything that can be given away to charities such as Mødrehjælpen, which are very grateful for your children’s cast-offs to sell in their stores. Your own clothing can be taken to the recycling station or to your local shelter, where it can help keep someone a little warmer this winter. 



Lip Balm Kit made by me

10 ml
295,00 kr.
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Acai Lip Balm

10 ml
165,00 kr.
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Lip Balm Kit made by me præsentation

DYI Lip Balm Kit made by me: Rudolph Care

Acai Body Balm

145 ml
425,00 kr.
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Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream Travelsize

20 ml
249,00 kr.
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Smooth Operator Serum

30 ml
795,00 kr.
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Gentle Cleansing Foam

150 ml
265,00 kr.
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