It will be Christmas before we know it, but not all children are guaranteed a cosy Christmas with delicious dinner and Christmas presents. That’s why Rudolph Care is donating a Lip Balm Kit for vulnerable children and their families each time you buy one. Let’s help wherever we can during a time when differences are really becoming apparent.  

“I am extremely affected by all the recent talk about welfare cuts and I spend a lot of time thinking about how it must feel not to be able to give your children what they need. I know there are many views on the issue, and it’s not my aim to get into the politics surrounding it – my thoughts go out to the children. After all, they are totally blameless. Many children in Denmark have difficulties and lack the most basic things that my children take completely for granted.

It has always been very important to me to help where I can, and throughout my life I have experienced many times how wonderful it is to help those who need it. It gives so much back, and that’s something I would like to teach my own children – how to share and help others.

Hard times are approaching for Denmark’s poorest children, where they are constantly reminded that they do not have what many others have. It must be so hard to go to school and countdown to Christmas with classmates, knowing that there isn’t enough money for a proper Christmas at home.

That’s why I would like to encourage you to help and perhaps give a little extra during the Christmas season, when socioeconomic differences become visible. There are plenty of good initiatives and organisations to give your support to. Personally, I am very excited about Eventyr Jul (Fairytale Christmas) and Ønske Jul (Wish Christmas) in Copenhagen and Aarhus respectively, which aim to make Christmas happen for vulnerable children and their families, complete with Christmas carols, dinner, cosiness and presents for everyone.

Rudolph Care would like to support Eventyr Jul and Ønske Jul by donating Lip Balm Kits for the children’s Christmas presents. For each Lip Balm Kit purchased in November or December, we will give one to the children. This way, you can give two gifts at the same time.

If you don’t know of anyone who would like to receive a Lip Balm Kit, then consider lending your support in another way. You can donate directly to Eventyr Jul or Ønske Jul, but there are also other organisations such as Mødrehjælpens Julehjælp (Mother’s Aid Christmas Assistance), the Red Cross or Børnenes Kontor (Children’s Bureau).”



Eventyr Jul (Fairytale Christmas) is a non-profit association run by volunteers. With the children in focus, the association holds Christmas for 250 socially vulnerable children and their parents in Copenhagen – with a traditional Christmas meal, decorations, carols, and Christmas presents for everyone. Their mission is to give these families a fairytale Christmas. Find out more about Eventyr Jul and how you can support their efforts here.


Ønske Jul (Wish Christmas) is also a non-profit, non-political and volunteer association whose purpose is to give struggling families the possibility to have the kind of Christmas that many others take for granted. Ønske Jul is based in Aarhus, and you can find out more here.


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