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"There weren’t many brands that made body balms back when I decided to make one. I was a big fan of The Organic Pharmacy’s facial cleansing balm and I loved its consistency, but I needed to create something that covered more than just the face.

When I was younger and involved in elite swimming, my skin was always incredibly dry. So dry that I often had scales on my shins, and I hated it. I thought it made me look unpolished. Back then I had a really hard time finding something for my skin that did not make it greasy or as if I was wearing an extra layer. There was just so much bad lotion out there.

A balm is solid oil, so it absorbs easily and doesn’t sit as a film on the skin, which a (bad) lotion tends to do. Balm adds a long-lasting softness and suppleness, and especially when it comes to dry skin.

It’s always amazed me that people happily spend a lot of money on taking care of the skin that is visible outside of their clothes, but that they won’t pay the same level of attention to the skin on the rest of the body. I personally have a strong need to care for the skin on my entire body, and perhaps even more so for those areas that aren’t visible to everyone, because this is where self-esteem is really noticeable. 

It was only after I had Acai Body Balm between my palms and on my skin that I discovered that it can also be used for much more than just scaly shins. It’s a cleanser, a massage balm, a moisturising mask, it’s great for dry patches and cuticles, for diaper rash and dry scalp. You name it!

Today I hear from women in their 70s who love to use the balm as facial care, because it provides the skin with immediate elasticity. If I’m going through a time where I am very tired or have used a lot of makeup, then I will also use Acai Body Balm on my face. It recharges the skin and calms it down.

Acai Body Balm is really a true ‘family product’ – even though I fully realise that it can be difficult to share it with others. It’s pure luxurious self-care in a jar."


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