A month of love

July has turned to August, and the last summer month of this year will be all about LOVE at Rudolph Stories. Love in all shapes and formes. You can look forward to reading about wedding parties, Andrea's love for her products and everything else she loves just about now. Fuel up on love stories and join Rudolph Care at the Pride Parade in Copenhagen.

We look forward to saturate all of August in soft, soft love ... 

In the meantime you can read a little about the acai berry, and watch a short movie about Andrea's trip to the Amazona rainforests and the tribe of natives looking after the production. It is indeed a story of love for the small berry and it's great significance to Rudolph Care. 


Andrea i Brasilien

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph på eventyr i Brasiliens regnskov

Made in Denmark

Certified organic and sustainable luxury


What would you like to see?

If you have been reading the Rudolph Stories from the very beginning you have read different bits...
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