Acai Anti-Stress Facial Cream – why it’s perfect for right now!

den bedste hudpleje til efteråret fra rudolph care er anti-stress face cream


Acai Anti-Stress Facial Cream – or just the Anti-Stress, as we like to call it – has been part of Rudolph Care from the very start, and its formulation has stayed the same. I love this product and it’s actually kind of crazy to still love a moisturizer after 9 years. It’s one of our bestsellers and it truly was born as a classic.

My skin is letting me know that it’s time to bring the Anti-Stress back into my daily routine. I notice the weather changes on my skin and, combined with being busy with the fragrance launch and the opening of many new shops in Norway – and being woken up at all hours by a hungry baby – it means that my skin needs a little extra help to stay looking good.

And this is where Acai Anti-Stress Facial Cream really comes into its own. It calms and destresses the skin immediately, drenching it with moisture and suppleness without adding unnecessary grease. It eliminates redness and inflammation in a mild, cooling way. It just cares for my skin incredibly well, and it’s so luxurious to apply – utterly pampering.

When I can fit in a little alone-time in the bathroom, I focus on taking ample time to cleanse my skin in order to prep it to receive the next step in my skincare ritual. If I’m feeling tired, I spend time thoroughly massaging Anti-Ageing Serum into the skin – preferably with a drop of A Hint of Summer, and voilà: the worst of the tired paleness vanishes. When this fantastic blend has absorbed into the skin, I layer it with the Anti-Stress. And it does wonders.

I haven’t used the Anti-Stress for some time, because during summer I switch to Sun Face Cream and Facial Oil, but my skin needs the Anti-Stress now, and I adore how it makes such a difference.

Love, Andrea 

økologisk ansigtspleje fra rudolph care

About Acai Anti-Stress Facial Cream


Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream is a rich and comforting face cream that can be used as a day and/or night cream. Its high percentage of pure organic oils and nourishing active ingredients balances your skin and protects it from daily stressors such as wind, weather, pollution, and a busy lifestyle.

Natural ingredients such as aloe vera, witch hazel and chamomile minimize redness and irritation, while organic oils and shea butter enrich the skin with moisture for renewed energy and a gorgeous glow.

Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream is the perfect choice for when your skin is irritated, broken out, dry – or just needs a little extra moisture and care.


den bedste ansigtscreme til vinter anti-stress

5 tips for Acai Anti-Stress Facial Cream

1. Always use your moisturizer on damp skin – optimally on clean skin after serum, oil, or a spritz of Facial Mist. The fresh moisture helps your skin drink in the cream instead of lying like a layer on top of the dry skin.

2. Avoid over-application and use just a single pump of cream each time. The Anti-Stress is highly concentrated and if you use too much, it may feel a little heavy.

3. Acai Anti-Stress Facial Cream can also be used by men. The cream minimizes redness and soothes irritated skin – making it especially great for after shaving.

4. If you have extremely dry skin, it’s a good idea to mix a drop of oil into your moisturizer. This will make the product even richer and easier to apply. The combination of the cream’s moisture and the richness of the oil works miracles for dry skin.

5. If it’s radiance you’re after, blend a few drops of our organic self-tanner, A Hint of Summer, into your Acai Anti-Stress Facial Cream. This will give you gorgeous, hydrated skin with a sun-kissed glow in just a couple of hours.


Do you want to know more about the difference between Anti-stress Facial Cream and Anti-ageing Facial Moisturizer, then read along here about the best organic facial cream for your skin.

Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream

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Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream

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