All I want for Christmas ....

Sara Rostrup is makeup artist and one of the most professionel beauty bloggers in Denmark. Check out her inspiring blog if you need a beauty-fix.  


I really want a gorgeous bedspread for our new bedroom in our new house. My husband doesn’t seem to agree, because he thinks that we have enough blankets and pillows as it is, but I have fallen in love with this heavy, midnight-blue velour bedspread from Broste Copenhagen, which is really beautiful and will give the bedroom a dash of exclusivity.


Working as a makeup artist can be hard on the back (especially when you’re pregnant) with long days spent standing on concrete floors. I think I’ve found the best, cutest, most stable trainers, called Asics Gel Kayano, and they’re going on my wish list.


I collect the Flora pattern from Royal Copenhagen and so far I have the teapot and five cups. I’m hoping that there may be a sixth cup under the Christmas tree this year.

My husband thinks it’s tough to find gifts for me, and I totally don’t get it. He should just buy me diamonds! For example, this gorgeous ring from Mumbai Stockholm....

I would love to have a date weekend in London at Hotel The Edition. They’re said to have the best cocktail bar in their basement, so I’ll save my trip until I deliver my son in spring 2017, and for when I’m finished breast feeding. When I’m in London I’ll go to Maria Tash at Liberty and get my ears pierced. At the age of 35, it’s about time. Maria Tash also makes the prettiest jewellery in precious metals and diamonds.



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