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Rudolph Care og bæredygtighedSustainability. What does it actually mean? Is it ecology? Is it energy-saving lightbulbs and short showers? The concept has become difficult to define over time and has taken on many shapes and sizes, depending on who you ask. Sustainability is something very dear to our Rudolph heart, and therefore it is also a concept that we constantly consider and reflect on. To help you learn more about sustainability in Rudolph Care, Andrea explains how she defines sustainability, and how she sees it in the context of Rudolph Care.Andrea Rudolph om bæredygtighedWhat do you associate with the concept of sustainability, and how do you see it expressed in Rudolph Care?

"For me, sustainability is very much about giving back, and that what you are doing is responsible. I believe that there are many parameters that must be fulfilled before you can call something sustainable. Responsibility is most important, and here I mean responsibility in the ethical, financial and environmental senses. I also feel that before you can call something sustainable, you ought to give something back with the product that you make. Ecology isn’t enough for me. You need to do something more. You need to consider your resource consumption, how you impact nature and humanity, and how you can give something back. I think that Rudolph Care is a sustainable beauty brand because sustainability is precisely our focus in our certifications, but also through our use of the acai berry. That we, through our acai berry trade with the Amazon Indians, can take part in conserving the rainforest and creating an economic foundation for 200 families, in my opinion really encapsulates in the best possible way the concept of giving back."Rudolph Care og bæredygtighedDo you have dreams and visions for Rudolph Care’s future ecological footprint?

"I have a lot of dreams, even though I think we are doing very well already. With our certifications, I feel that we in some way are creating a lifecycle, but we still can do better. One of the things we can do better is our packaging. I have a big dream that we should lead the way and that we must be those who take the initiative to create some changes in our industry. Plastic packaging is an increasing problem both for our and the planet’s health. The planet is changing and we will have to face that. So I dream of being among the first to join the packaging revolution."Andrea Rudolphs acaibærHow do you see the future challenges to sustainability? And ideally, how would you like to see the world look in 20 years on the sustainability front?

"If we at Rudolph Care want to further strengthen our sustainable profile, we need to find a new solution for our packaging, and that will mean challenges. Our challenge with producing more easily biodegradable packaging is that it is a costly and time-consuming process, but also the fact that highly biodegradable packaging cannot withstand the oil in our products – the oil simply penetrates the plastic. So the task is not at all as easy as it sounds. Another challenge will be changing consumer habits so that they choose biodegradable – and therefore also more expensive – packaging. We’ve observed this challenge for many years with organic products, and I also think it will hold true for packaging. I think it’s hard to say where to begin with the ideal worldview when there are so many things one would like to change, but I really like the idea of only using renewable energy. It would be amazing if we got to the point where the world could run itself. In addition, I of course want to see pollution minimized, and for us to begin developing a longer-term and sustainable plan to care for our planet.​"

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