Andrea’s take on a little Saturday fun

Four weeks ago – the Sunday before I gave birth – I spent a couple of peaceful hours pampering myself in the bath. And I took pictures to document these heavenly hours of wellness, so I can refresh my memory at any time, now that I no longer have that kind of “me time”…


Pregnant or not – I love taking the time for an all-over body scrub. And I mean really taking the time. First, I shower and run a loofah over my skin. Then I turn off the water and pat my skin dry with a towel before polishing my entire body with my Body Scrub. I scrub until my blood is rushing and my skin is tingling – I love that feeling.


Even though I’m on maternity leave, I still have my fingers deep down in jars of cream and continuously test future products – just like I’ve always done. I bring home heaps of samples and every Rudolph Care product has lived in my house for extended test periods. I insist on making each product a personal favourite of mine before letting anyone else try it out. Basically, there won’t be a product if I don’t love it. The texture should be heavenly, the scent just right, the immediate feeling on the skin or in the hair should be delightful, and then of course the product should perform over time. Testing products takes time. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it …


My sister-in-law gave me this beautiful jade roller. She’s got one herself that she absolutely adores. And she has beautiful skin. I actually don’t know if it does anything special for me, but I love using it. I like the cool feeling on my skin, especially in the morning if I feel a little puffy. The roller massages the skin and has a draining effect, but usually I just use my hands for that. I always give my skin a generous amount of Anti-Ageing Serum before using the roller.

And on top of that, the roller is an aesthetic gem – an object of beauty in the bathroom; if you can find it, that is! My bathroom is pure chaos with samples and testers all over the place. On the shelves, in the cabinets – everywhere, there are bags with notes and evaluation forms. It’s one big mess, but you see, my bathroom is also my office, so until I get my very own private bathroom, the people around me just have to live with the mess.


I often combine different body products at the same time – right now, I’m using Body Lotion for the body and Mommy & Me Balm for my tummy. I could have chosen the Body Balm, too, but just I love how Mommy & Me feels, so this is the one I reach for these days. This product has gone through such a long development period and I’ve gone through so many testers before I was satisfied with both the feel and the efficacy. The balm was actually supposed to have been ready when Alfred was born, 1½ years ago, but we hadn’t cracked the code. Now we have, and the product will land on the shelves in May.


I rounded off my pampering session with a little softness for the lips and my beloved Facial Oil for the face – a finishing touch for extra hydration and glow. Aahhh...


Love, Andrea 









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I would never use anything other than our body lotion. It is simply fantastic. It absorbs easily...

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