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Økologisk luksuriøs hårpleje fra Rudolph Care

hair care for the soft days

If you have dry ends or your hair looks a bit dull, it may need an extra nourishing conditioner treatment. Every now and then I use Forever Soft Conditioner as a treatment and allow it to sit on my hair for 30 minutes. I like to wrap a towel around my head so the conditioner can really do its repair work while I eat breakfast or do something else. Then it’s back into the shower where I rinse thoroughly and just enjoy the wonderful results.


Conditioner for the scalp

Many women were brought up thinking that it’s wrong to use conditioner close to the scalp, because it makes hair greasy and weighed down, but this generally isn’t true. I often massage my scalp with Forever Soft Conditioner, as it increases circulation, stimulates the roots and gives them moisture and nourishment – the optimal basis for healthy, well cared-for hair.


Øko luksus body balm fra Rudolph Care

a greasy trick

A dry scalp can be very uncomfortable, especially if it’s itchy or flaking. For me, it helps to give my scalp an oil treatment with our Acai Body Balm – it’s very rich and requires a few additional thorough shampoos to rinse it out, but it really works.

Heat up the balm between your palms and massage it into your scalp using your fingertips. The massage is very important because it increases blood circulation that helps bring the scalp back into balance. If you have time, wind a towel around your head for a little while. When you wash the balm out of your hair, it’s easiest done by distributing the shampoo through your dry hair and then rinsing with water. Try to avoid washing your hair too often and keep the water temperature on the cooler side. Very hot water tends to dry out the scalp.


Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph med lækkert hår

help for dull looking locks

Long hair is old hair, but it doesn’t need to look old and lifeless. Here are three tricks that keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Firstly you should avoid using too many styling products that grease up your hair and require drying shampoo sessions. My hair is rarely greasy, even if I only wash it twice a week. But I always shampoo it if it has been styled and coated in styling products. It’s like having a face full of makeup – it needs to be washed off. Secondly it's good to brush out your hair before you wash it, not after. Wet hair is more fragile, and it can stretch and break more easily if you force the brush or comb through while it is wet. And lastly it can be an idea to braid your hair or put it up in a bun at night. This causes less wear and tear than if you lie on it. And the bonus is that you wake up with a gorgeous natural texture.


emergency solution

Of course there are bad hair days when your mop just won’t behave, but there’s always a solution. On days like this I often end up with a high ponytail pulled back tightly. And maybe I’ll braid the ponytail. If that’s not happening, then I wind the ponytail around to create a ballerina bun. This way, none of the hairs stick out and give me a bad hair day.

At other times, I just smooth my hair tips with the residue from the body lotion left on my hands after moisturizing all over. This brings the hair together nicely and adds shine for a stylish look.


Do you want more tips for gorgeous hair you can read (or re-read) hairstylist Mette Thorsgaard's best tips right here


Rudolph Hair øko luksus hårpleje fra Rudolph Care

Do you not know rudolph hair?

If you haven’t tried Rudolph Hair, here’s a mini introduction to the three products:

Blossom Shampoo

Exclusive nourishing shampoo with extracts of organic berries and flowers, which strengthen the hair and make it lovely and shiny. Blossom Shampoo lathers to a soft foam and has a mild fragrance with notes of raspberry and violet. Nourishing ingredients such as calendula, wheat protein and aloe vera restore the hair and stimulate the scalp. Blossom Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and can be used by men and women alike. 

Herbal Mint Shampoo

Luxurious and nourishing shampoo with extracts of organic green herbs that strengthen the hair and prevent a dry, irritated scalp. Herbal Mint Shampoo lathers to a soft foam, which washes the hair clean without drying it out or stealing its shine. The mild, fresh scent of menthol awakens the senses and imbues the hair with a freshness that lasts all day. Herbal Mint Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and can be used by men and women alike. 

Forever Soft Conditioner 

Conditioner that nourishes and restores the hair with organic avocado oil, honey and calendula. Forever Soft Conditioner has a wonderful creamy texture and a mild fragrance with notes of raspberry and violet. The natural ingredients leave the hair soft, healthy and easy to comb, without making it heavy, flat and greasy.


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Worth knowing

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