Since 2010 Rudolph Care has been honored with no fewer than four Danish Beauty Awards. And that’s something we’re very proud of.

The Danish Beauty Award is the Danish beauty industry’s answer to a BAFTA Award or an Oscar. The purpose is to pay tribute to the industry and showcase the brands and products that positively distinguish themselves. And Rudolph Care has succeeded in doing so four times – the first time after just one year on the market.

Naturally, we think that all of our products are winners, but our Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil, Acai Body Oil and Rudolph Sun collection have been awarded a DBA, as has Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph herself – the prestigious ‘Fiery Soul of the Year’ Award.

A Danish Beauty Award means a great deal to Rudolph Care because it is a recognition of our products, all of which embody non-toxic luxury of the highest quality. But it’s also an acknowledgement from our peers in the industry, who know just how much work it takes to create exclusive, luxurious and effective beauty products. 

Here are the judges’ statements – and we couldn’t agree more.

2010: Green Product of the Year – Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil

The winning product is the essence of the entire collection whose fundamental idea is to build a bridge between consistent ecology and luxury products. And this product measures up in every way."

Rudolph Care received this sought-after green award after just one year on the market.

2011: Body Care Product of the Year (Luxury Retail) – Acai Body Oil

This is innovative body care that has led to new, addictive body care rituals. This is no fad, but a luxury staple that is here to stay.

A luxury award that illustrates how natural and organic skincare without harmful chemicals can go hand-in-hand with efficacy and a luxurious feel that truly pampers the skin.

2014: Fiery Soul of the Year – Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

The 2014 Fiery Soul of the Year is a woman who has experienced setbacks but who understands how to use her experiences in a positive way – to always renew herself instead of giving up. Her new initiatives continue to impress beauty nerds and enthusiasts who care about both beauty and the environment.

The Fiery Soul of the Year Award is presented to a beauty industry figure who is passionate about the world of beauty and cosmetics, and one who makes a significant contribution to the industry.

2015: Product Series of the Year – Rudolph Sun

With the winning Rudolph Sun collection, you get an entire palette of sun products that can meet every need. The collection was created based on an intelligent selection of Ecolabel-certified ingredients. And with absolutely no compromise on quality.

Efficacy is essential when it comes to a sun care collection, and we’ve managed to create one without compromising on consistency and quality. 



Acai Facial Oil

15 ml
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Acai Body Oil

200 ml
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Sun Face Cream SPF 30

50 ml
245,00 kr.
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Sun Body Oil SPF 15

150 ml
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