Breakfast and beauty routines

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Actually, my mornings don’t follow a fixed routine. When Isolde is here she has to get going to make sure she arrives at school on time. I get up at 6:45 AM, throw on my bathrobe, light some candles and then I go and wake up Isolde if she hasn’t woken up on her own. She’s not the fastest morning riser, but we always get there. While she’s in the bathroom I make breakfast for her and the others. The two little ones usually wake between 7:00 and 7:30, and they’re hungry when they get up. And then there’s also a dog that needs to be walked.

It’s a busy time, so two days a week our sitter comes and helps out. She arrives early at 7:30 and helps get the lunches ready, gives Alfred something to eat, changes the baby’s diaper, and generally lends a hand where needed. She’s a huge help and almost part of the family.

It’s important for me to give my family a good start to the day. It’s just nice for everyone to begin with good energy. And I love taking care of my family – especially now when I don’t have loads of time to fuss over myself during weekday mornings.

I always make more dinner than we need on purpose, in order to have it for breakfast the next day. That way we always have some rice and veggies, an extra meatball or a piece of meat left over that can become part of our breakfast. Just now the kids are really enjoying oatmeal. So they get it, with delicious toppings like coconut oil, coconut flakes and fruit puree. But actually vegetables are Isolde’s favourite – and I often give them to her in her lunchbox.

Personally, I like to have something healthy to eat in the morning, something with nutrients. But that being said, I also really love fresh, gooey goodies from the bakery.

We don’t sit at the table together on weekday mornings, as there’s no time for it, but everyone ends up in the kitchen and comes in and out. So we’re together, but not sitting at the table together. It’s something we do at the weekend – and we spend plenty of time on it.


økologisk ansigtspleje fra rudolph care

Beauty routines

I get my bathroom time after Isolde has left for the day. There’s no real schedule to my morning bathroom routine. Sometimes, if I’m up early enough before the others, I manage to wet my hair and use a scrub. I can leave it on for up to an hour while I make breakfast and the lunches.

Which skincare products I use always depends on how my skin is doing. And on what kind of night I’ve had and what the weather is like. I’ve become quite skilled at noticing what my skin needs and making sure that it gets it.

Every morning, my first step is to splash my face with water and sometimes I also apply a mask. Some days, my skin just has to wait. When I do get my time in the bathroom, I almost always spritz on some Facial Mist, which has a purifying, firming effect on the skin. I also use the Serum every day. Lately I’m loving Eye Cream, the Anti-Stress cream and Facial Oil – the oil is always included when the weather and air become colder. That said, my skincare routine is constantly “interrupted” by the new products I test. It’s a lovely interruption, but it also means that I can’t say with precision which products I use each day.

As with everything else in life, it’s my ambition that my mornings are about quality, not quantity. I’d much rather spend time on breakfast and morning “hygge” with the family than spend time in the bathroom. Family is what’s most important – I can always take a shower later.

Before Claus and Alfred go to the nursery, the three of us have a second round of breakfast. Usually it includes eggs in one form or another. Then we’re all ready for the day and everything it might bring.


Love, Andrea 

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