Bye-bye to dull looking locks

“Long hair is old hair, but it doesn’t need to look old and lifeless. Here are three tricks that keep your hair looking healthy and shiny.


1. Avoid using too many styling products that grease up your hair and require drying shampoo sessions. My hair is rarely greasy, even if I only wash it twice a week. But I always shampoo it if it has been styled and coated in styling products. It’s like having a face full of makeup – it needs to be washed off.


2. Brush out your hair before you wash it, not after. Wet hair is more fragile, and it can stretch and break more easily if you force the brush or comb through while it is wet.


3. Braid your hair or put it up in a bun at night. This causes less wear and tear than if you lie on it. And the bonus is that you wake up with a gorgeous natural texture.” 


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One hundred strokes of the brush

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