Carry-on only – how to travel light and lovely

The fine art of limitation is tough, and one of the most testing situations arises when it’s time to pack your suitcase. And that goes for whether you’re off for two days in London or two weeks in Bali. Your suitcase is filled to bursting, but only a fraction of its contents will be used. Know the feeling? Here are our top tips on avoiding heavy luggage on short trips.


1. Pack little but well

Take your best things with you on your travels. Such as your most comfortable walking sneakers. Trousers that aren’t skin tight. Your softest sweater. Your prettiest dress and – of course – your very best underwear. Good underwear is especially important if you’re planning on doing some shopping on your trip. Everything just fits better when your lingerie is keeping you in place and you feel comfortable.


2. Split it up

A small wheeled cabin suitcase is a must-have and can easily hold all that you need for a few days. Pack all the large items in here, and use a medium-sized shoulder bag for everything you want to take with you on the plane. Lip balm, hand cream, wet wipes or hand sanitiser, phone + headset and chewing gum. A bag of nuts or a snack bar and some reading material on your destination are also nice. Take inspiration from lifestyle journalist Sarah Skarum who makes it a point to read books where the action is set in the city or country she’s travelling to. If your travel guide gets too boring, that is.

You can also take a small cross-body bag to hold your passport, money and tickets. This makes the perfect bag for evenings out when you reach your destination. And naturally you’ll place it in your shoulder bag if the flight attendants get fussy about cabin baggage limits.


3. Toiletry bag with all the essentials

There’s a good reason why most Rudolph Care favourites come in travel sizes. After all, nobody wants to neglect good skincare on holiday. Luckily, both our Facial Oil and Anti-Ageing Serum are below the size limit for your hand baggage, so a travel size is unnecessary. 10 x 100 ml is really quite a lot, but it’s still irritating to be limited to that amount. If you can’t do without a product sized larger than 100 ml during your trip, put some in another container. has the nicest ones around for that purpose.


4. Your packing mantra

Now you’re ready. But always remember to chant the following mantra when you’re packing:

“I need to leave space to bring home something new. I need to leave space to bring home something new. I need to leave space to bring home something new. I need to leave space to bring home something new.”


Bon voyage!

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