Cleansing milk to the rescue


If you find that your skin is acting up and becoming unusually dry or oily, you may want to take a critical look at your cleansing product. This is often the place where unbalanced skin begins. It may not be that your cleanser isn’t removing dirt and makeup effectively, but that it is too effective. Gritty, rough soap can strip the skin and weaken its natural barrier, resulting in dryness and/or increased oil production, making the skin greasy. In fact, your cleansing product is more important than your moisturiser or serum when it comes to achieving calm, balanced skin.

Acai Cleansing Milk is made for those with sensitive, reactive skin – or those who simply wish to use a calming, nourishing product that effectively removes makeup, eye makeup and everyday impurities. The skin is gently cleansed with the help of a vegetable-based coconut oil extract, while being soothed with calming aloe vera, purple coneflower and moisturizing sweet almond oil – and of course, Rudolph Care’s organic acai oil. The product is also fragrance-free and can be used with or without water. Because Acai Cleansing Milk is rich in nourishing active ingredients, the best results are achieved if the product is not rinsed off with water. 

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