Emergency help for tired and wrinkled skin


Serum, facial massage and no sun

Tina Ebbesen Jensen


Why is my skin losing its elasticity – and what can I do about it?

There can be many reasons, but improper skincare, weight loss, too much sun worshipping, smoking, stress, illness and medication are just a few of them.

Make sure that you prioritise your daily skincare routine with cleanser, toner, eye cream, serum and moisturiser – both morning and evening. Get regular facials that tone up the skin and give it the care it needs, and stick religiously to your home-based skincare routine. Seek out products that tighten and smooth the skin. Serum is one of the most effective products you can use, so don’t ever skip it.

Avoid baking in the sun, smoking, too much stress, too little sleep, and never skip your skincare routine. You should also remember to take sufficient care when you are in the sun, and always use high SPF sunscreen.


What else can I do to get my skin back in balance?

Pamper your skin with facials, facial massage, exercise, healthy food and lots of water. Another great tip is to apply your creams using upward motions, because it stimulates tightening of the skin tissue. Facial massage has an incredible effect, so indulge in these treatments on a regular basis – or you can DIY.


Eliminate stress and massage your way back to beautiful skin

Sara Jordell

Why is my skin reacting in this way?

If the skin has quickly begun to sag, perhaps in a short period of time, the reason can be stress-related. This is because stress doesn’t reside only in our nervous system, but also in our connective tissue. The connective tissue loses its suppleness and strength because stress breaks down the elastin and collagen in the skin. Spend a little energy on determining what is causing stress in your life. Maybe it’s time to change some bad habits – either in yourself or your lifestyle. Smoking can also lead to sagging, sensitive skin, and diet has a huge role to play here, too.


What sort of skincare will help me regain my skin’s balance?

Lots of connective tissue massage will make a big difference. I practice a form of therapy that I call ‘facelift massage’ in which the connective tissue is thoroughly kneaded to eliminate tension, and then ‘lifted’ back into its correct position. The connective tissue also needs to be strengthened from within, and I recommend taking a dietary supplement containing silica and biotin. Generally speaking, the skin needs good quality toning products with antioxidants, lots of good oil, and serum that penetrates deep into the skin’s layers while also moisturising and tightening.


Sara’s mini-guide to home massage


This is a good basic massage that you can do every day when you apply your skincare products. Consider applying your products with upward motions, and use small, energetic circular strokes from the nose and outward – up and out.

It is also beneficial to do a little extra massage around the mouth. Move your thumb and index towards the middle, just above the upper lip, and do the same around the lower lip. The trick is to get hold of the deep tissue by firmly squeezing with your fingers and then gently pulling the tissue outwards. Note any tension and play around a bit with the pulling direction. This allows you to get into the small lines you may have in the lip area. This is also where massage can help the digestive system and aid in any intestinal imbalances. It can feel quite tender when you get hold of something good, so try to keep at it for a few minutes.

Another good trick is to get into the area between the eyebrows, where worry lines live. If you have one (or more) of these lines, loosening the tissue can be effective. Using both index fingers on either side of the line, apply pressure and swipe your fingers outward toward the temples. Do this at a fairly fast pace so the skin heats up and you can see reddening around the line. If you’ve done an effective job you will notice that the skin is swelling a little, because the tissue has been activated. It promotes blood flow, and that delivers new nourishment and oxygen to the area. Spend a few minutes a day on this technique and you’ll soon see a big difference. But if you want the line(s) to disappear completely, you’ll also have to stop worrying…



The experts

Tina Ebbesen Jensen (left) owns and operates Askepot Skønhedsklinik (Cinderella Beauty Clinic) in Silkeborg, where you can get all the beauty treatments of your dreams. She has been helping women achieve beautiful skin for more than 12 years now, and she prefers to use only organic and natural products – including Rudolph Care.

Sara Jordell is a holistic skin expert, healer and bodywork therapist. She works as much with the interactions between the body’s internal systems and organs as she does with the external skin. Sara specialises in facial reflexology and connective tissue treatment – and she has also been involved in developing our unique Rudolph Care treatments.​

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