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What is Instantly Smoothing Serum?


Instantly Smoothing Serum from Rudolph Care is developed to give your skin a boost of radiance, smoothness and firmness. It’s not a product that can replace your day cream, but it works as an active layer beneath your daily moisturizer.

The serum features a light gel-like consistency that is quickly absorbed by the skin and which works at a deeper level than your day cream or oil.

Instantly Smoothing Serum minimizes the appearance of your pores, lending evenness to the skin thanks to its concentrated content of natural Gatuline Expression, an extract that relaxes muscle contractions and provides a visible effect. The natural and sustainable ingredient Lex Feel enhances this effect, making the skin’s surface even and silky smooth. Apricot seed oil strengthens the skin’s natural elasticity and suppleness at a deeper layer, while pure Vitamin E acts to postpone signs of ageing.

Over time, the serum tightens and smooths your skin, boosting its own natural vitality.

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Why should you use serum?

Well, you don’t HAVE to use it, but if you feel that your skin could be a bit firmer, smoother or more radiant, then serum can make a visible difference for your skin.

If you want to see immediate results, use the serum as a booster in your skincare routine twice a day for a while. You’ll get the best results with regular use for a longer period of time, but you’ll see an immediate difference in the skin every single time you apply Instantly Smoothing Serum. This is due to the smoothing, toning ingredients that are at work here. The wow factor is most evident in skin with one or more vulnerable areas with visible signs of ageing.

You may be thinking, what about Facial Oil – what’s the difference? The difference between Facial Oil and our Serum is the firming and smoothing effect. Facial Oil, which consists mainly of organic acai oil, does not provide a decisive firming and smoothing effect. The oil is a world champion (and award winner) in giving your skin suppleness and elasticity, just as it creates an immediate and luxurious glow. The oil locks in hydration and softens the skin for an all-round skin pampering indulgence. The serum is made for those who (also) want results in the firming and smoothing departments.

That being said, Instantly Smoothing Serum and Facial Oil work beautifully together when you want to do something extra special for your skin. The combination offers in-depth action on signs of ageing, and a supple, moisture-drenched skin surface. So you get both rebuilding and preventive action against ageing.

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What’s the optimal way to use Instantly Smoothing Serum?

Apply one or two pumps to clean, dry skin. You can use the serum on your face, neck and décolleté. Gently massage the product into the skin – you can also use it around the eyes. Apply Facial Oil and/or your moisturizer to finish.

You can use Instantly Smoothing Serum both morning and evening, but if you only use it once a day, apply your serum in the morning. This will ensure that you get the best results on your skin.


4 tips on getting the most from your serum


Always apply serum to clean, dry skin. You can benefit from a spritz of Facial Mist beforehand, but allow the mist to dry a bit before applying the serum – or it will just slide around on your skin.


Never use the serum by itself – always combine with oil or moisturizer (or sunscreen) to seal, protect, soften and moisturize the skin.


If you want to look fresh in a flash, exfoliate your skin with Facial Scrub Mask – thoroughly and for at least two minutes. Rinse off the product and pat the skin dry, then follow up with an application of Serum and a little moisturizer or Facial Oil. The combination will put some colour in your cheeks and lend a healthy, radiant glow to your skin.


The combination of serum and sunscreen is a real winner if you care about protecting your skin when in the sun – without living in the shade. The sunscreen acts to protect your skin for the least possible damage by UV rays, and the high concentration of antioxidants in the serum neutralize many of the free radicals formed by your skin when it is exposed to the sun. This reduces the sun’s ageing effect on the skin.


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Instantly Smoothing Serum

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Instantly Smoothing Serum

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