Five things that I think a lot about at the moment

1. I’ve just been to France, where I found myself buying not one but three wedding magazines! They were so lovely, and they are a great source of inspiration for another great day we are to have. We got married at the same time as Alfred’s christening, so we haven’t really had a proper party, and we dream of having something like this together, Claus and I.

We have a lot of children, and before we know it, another one will be joining the flock. So, to ensure that my whole life doesn’t end up revolving around nappies, practicalities and baby food, it is important for me to think about where it all stems from – the love I have for my husband. I think of how we met, of the crazy, overwhelming love that couldn’t be denied, of the things we did, said, promised and dreamed of together. We must remember to cultivate it, look after it and nurture it – devote time to it, to surprise and never take it for granted. Love. Thankfully, that is something we are good at – remembering the importance of twosomeness, and cultivating it so that it does not become engulfed in all the everyday practicalities


2. It may well be that I have one foot in the maternity bubble already, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking a lot about what the future holds for Rudolph Care.

On my maternity leave with Alfred, I had time and space to raise myself up from the day-to-day management and gain more of a helicopter view. It was really good, both for me and the company, and I look forward to doing it again.

We’ve planned the next step for Rudolph Care, but what then? We must continue doing what we’re good at – challenging industry standards and continuing to see opportunities and challenges rather than problems. I am so proud that Rudolph Care was the first brand in the world to receive both organic certification – ECOCERT – and environmental certification – The Nordic Swan Ecolabel – an accomplishment ruled out by all the experts in the industry. It’s fun to challenge, and we must continue to do so. So that is what I busy myself with, keeping an eye on all the trends and signs of what’s going on out there. It’s important to be able to take stock and use your gut feeling, and I believe that you have to keep daring to take chances.

3. My children always feature heavily in my thoughts, which, right now, largely revolve around parenting and involvement. I think it’s very much the parents’ job to bring up their children, and I have seen so many children in airports and restaurants recently who simply don’t know how to behave. It’s the parents’ responsibility to teach them how to behave – and it’s quite OK to set boundaries! I am very conscious about raising my children to become people who other people can bear to be around. Not just when we’re out, but at home, too.

As a child I had set duties, and I helped clean up. I had a weekly food day, and if I didn’t cook, I helped set the table and clear it when we’d eaten. And that didn’t just mean taking the dishes into the kitchen. You were not done until the tables and sides were wiped over, everything was washed up and put away, and the sink was left sparkling. And now I think it’s time for the kids – the big ones – to learn how to clean. It might seem like a basic thing, but it has to be learned. Just like shaking hands and looking people in the eye when you greet them. That kind of thing will help make life easier for the children in the future. So... a few set cleaning chores and food days are to go on the programme. 

4. I have the travel bug. I can feel the envy in my body when I read about people off travelling with their families for a long break. I dream of heat and time to relax – for more than 14 days. It’s an ideal time to travel when you’re on maternity leave, but I think we’ll save that for next winter. My maternity leave falls right in the middle of spring, and Denmark is the most wonderful place to be at that time of the year. But off on our adventures, we must. Far away from everyday life... Brazil, Thailand or perhaps Sri Lanka... 

5. I give a great deal of thought to what is going on in the world. How can you not? My thoughts turn especially to how important parts of the world are being run right now – with Trump at the helm – and how little it correlates with my idea of leadership.

It’s just so enormously sad, and it can keep me awake at night. For me, good management involves having an understanding of people and ultimately leading with a good heart. Say what you will about Obama’s policies, but I think most people regard him as a good person. Trump, not so much. Or many of the Danish politicians for that matter. I just don’t think they have good, basic humanity at heart.

It’s not because I have a solution – I don’t – but I worry and think a lot about what I can do. I’m not about to go into politics, but I want to make a difference. You can start by remembering that you have a responsibility. To do what you feel is right, and to react to the things that you feel are wrong. 

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