Friend book – Cathrine aka Rockpaperdresses

Name: Cathrine Widunok Wichmand

Age: 28

Star sign: Gemini

Favourite colour: Rose/pink/bordeaux – all the shades of red

Spirit animal: I’ve got a pug dog now, and I can say “like dog, like owner” – always happy, a little naive, and loves food.

Favourite season: I’m a spring girl, through and through. It’s a way of looking at existence: focus on the brighter times to come. The positive. In spring I feel like I’ve had a reset. Everything is blooming, everything is possible. Everything good is still ahead of me, hopes for a sunny summer, weddings, my own birthday at the end of May. The sun always shines on my birthday, without exaggeration. May is magical.

When I was a child, I wanted to be … A midwife or doctor for many years, then a journalist. And now I’m an entrepreneur.

If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be … Imaginative, filled with initiative, and affectionate.

I am good at … Listening and getting things done. And kissing, ha! I found that out in ninth grade, so I believe it.

I’m happiest when … when I get some movement into my day, go to bed early and get up early, and when my dog wags its tail.

My deepest wish is … just now it’s achieving exactly the right balance between work and free time, so I can be super-effective at work but also take time off. No more weekend work, thank you very much!

The easiest way to make me happy is …invite me for a meal.

It makes me angry when … I feel injustice on my own or others’ behalf, or when people throw rubbish on the street.

The last time I cried was … yesterday in the shower – I cry on almost a daily basis.

When I get mad … I can become very quiet.

It pisses me off when … when people talk down to me because of my age or gender, or when people don’t listen.

My girlfriends mean … the world to me, and I have far too little time to spend with them. But that’s how it is for almost everyone – luckily my friendships aren’t diminished as a result.

Things I do only with my girlfriends … munch on sour cream & onion chips with Holiday dip and chat about our sex lives.

The meal I remember most is … it was on our California road trip, shortly before my husband and I got engaged. We grilled steaks and made salad – our first homemade meal in a month-long vacation. We sat under the stars in jogging clothes after hiking for the entire day in Yosemite, and by the light of a bonfire and an iPhone, my husband proposed to me.

My favourite treat is … Haribo Vampires, those long, narrow caramels with holes in the middle (don’t know their name) and salt bombs.

In summer I like to drink … white wine and champagne – the latter all year round, actually.

The song that always gets me onto the dance floor … I was born in the 1990s but was young in the 00’s, so I love anything by Sean Paul and Nik & Jay.

The best book I’ve ever read is … It has to be the Harry Potter books I read as a kid, because they gave me a fantasy world to disappear into. And they really sparked my interest in reading.

The thing I always take with me on holiday … hand sanitizer, because I’m a bit of a germaphobe, haha! And sunscreen.

My absolute favourite city is … Paris. I can always go to Paris and discover something new. The city is beautiful, charming, romantic, and vibrant – and it’s right around the corner, almost.

Sometimes I tell white lies about … how much time I spend on my iPhone and iPad. And about how much I work, because I work too much.

If I won a million, I would … invite my nearest and dearest on vacation and pay off some debt.

If my house were on fire, I would save these three things … my husband, my dog and my computer (and my time capsule, if my husband can walk unaided).

I spend a lot of money (maybe too much) on … Food and self-care (I get my brows and legs waxed and a Brazilian wax every month).

I would like to become better at … learning to “let it go”. I can stew for ages about criticism or tasks I don’t think were handled in a satisfactory way. And VAT and the accounts!

When I get old, I want to … I’ll hold my husband’s hand and kiss my (hopefully future) grandchildren and look back in the style of Edith Piaf: “je ne regrette rien”.

My proudest achievement is …Transforming a hobby into a business. And my relationship with my husband, which has lasted since I was 17 years old and could have easily ended in some sort of youthful tantrum. I’m so proud of the fact that we are still together and still married. That takes trust, work, and being flexible.

Do you have a favourite Rudolph Care product? I have many, but the Anti-ageing Serum with Facial Mist – it’s an amazing moisture-duo every morning and evening and the basis for moisturizer. And A Hint of Summer, especially during the winter – around every third day. It’s cheaper than going to the Canary Islands and better than the tanning bed.

You can follow Cathrine and her whereabouts on her blog and Instagram. Prepare for silliness, good thoughts and great inspiration. It is certainly never dull. If you want to learn more about the podcast empire PODLAND, check it out here.

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