Get your skin back into balance

"It’s not uncommon for the skin to react when your lifestyle deviates from the usual, even if it’s only for a short while. That’s why unbalanced skin – redness, blemishes or oiliness – are familiar January issues encountered by the Rudolph Care girls in retail.

The main thing – no matter how your skin reacts – is to cleanse gently and load up on moisture. Even though you may want to do many things to get your skin back in shape, you have to tread lightly. Too much treatment, or the incorrect treatment – such as exfoliating blemished skin – can make everything much worse. And it’s always a good idea to remember the usual advice about drinking lots of water, getting 8 hours of sleep and eating a balanced diet.

Here are three tips that will help problem skin to relax and recover. And remember, you can always ask those of us in retail for advice – we know exactly what your skin type needs;

1. Cleansing with calmness
First, use Rudolph Care Acai Cleansing Milk and massage the product gently into the skin. It is mild enough to use on the eyes, and efficient enough to also remove your mascara. Allow it to sit for a few minutes so that the nourishing ingredients can penetrate the skin. Then, without removing the Cleansing Milk, add one or two pumps of Cleansing Foam on top and gently massage the entire face – and don’t forget your neck. Rinse with warm water or remove with a damp washcloth.

The result of this combination is that the skin is cleansed thoroughly, but gently. It can take a few days for the skin to raise all of the debris and impurities to the surface, but it is important that you do not spread the impurities to other parts of the face or start squeezing them. This just creates additional bacteria and causes damage and scabbing.


2. Tighten up

Now spray Rudolph Care Acai Facial Mist on the skin you have cleansed. The Facial Mist helps counteracts infection and clears blocked pores. It has a tightening effect and closes the pores naturally. It also moisturises the skin and protects against damage caused by pollution, lack of sleep and vitamins.


3. Calm down

Finally, it is important to add moisture to the skin. For this I recommend Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil, which acts as a glow-generating vitamin shot, giving new life to the skin and adding loads of suppleness. You can also choose Anti Stress Facial Cream to calm and bring harmony to the skin. The cream provides a pleasant, comfortable feeling and instantly soothes redness, dryness and irritation."


All the best, Dorthe


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