Give your scalp an oil treatment

“A dry scalp can be very uncomfortable, especially if it’s itchy or flaking. For me, it helps to give my scalp an oil treatment with our Acai Body Balm – it’s very rich and requires a few additional thorough shampoos to rinse it out, but it really works.

Heat up the balm between your palms and massage it into your scalp using your fingertips. The massage is very important because it increases blood circulation that helps bring the scalp back into balance. If you have time, wind a towel around your head for a little while.

When you wash the balm out of your hair, it’s easiest done by distributing the shampoo through your dry hair and then rinsing with water. Try to avoid washing your hair too often and keep the water temperature on the cooler side. Very hot water tends to dry out the scalp.” ​


Acai Body Balm

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Acai Body Balm

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