Glow from within


“When was the last time you read a really good book? In this new everyday life at home, I suddenly experience time in a completely different way. And also that there has been a bit more of it to myself. I gladly dedicate this time to expanding my currently very small world to become a bit bigger."

"I’ve also read a lot to my children and I’m actually quite fond of reading out loud in general. Listening also brings me piece and helps distract my brain to release all stress and worries. It makes you relax and it shows on your face."

"Keeping your brain active makes it stay in shape. So it’s really all about diving into the stories that fascinate you." 

"Here are my recommendations for three books that move me, and of which I gladly tell about with passion. I’m sadly unsure though if they’re all available in English, but here they are."

1. ”Fruen” by Malene Lei Raben. In the fall, my dear friend published her very first novel about being raised in the 70’s with a mother who positively and negatively influenced the lives of her daughters in a turbulent family life. A bigger declaration of love and honesty is very hard to find. 

2. “Simple” by Yotam Ottolenghi. Is it possible to immerse into a cookbook? Yes! If you love food like I do, along with flavors and textures, it’s a true adventure. To me, Ottelenghi has revolutionized the green kitchen by focusing on taste, few ingredients and simplicity, which I find extremely inspiring to my own work and to my eating habits.

3. “Højskolesangbogen”. A Danish traditional song book. I love singing as loud as I can, preferably in the company of loved ones. Højskolesangbogen is a piece of common and shared Danish history full of so many beautiful songs. It’s to be read for the sake of the poetry and sung out loud whenever you get the chance. 

“A hot bath and straight to bed in fresh sheets with an extraordinary story between my hands is the greatest cure to almost everything!”

Happy reading. 

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph 

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