Go Green #1 – a scouring sponge without microbeads

Læs med når vi deler vores månedlige go green tip til en grønnere og mere bæredygtig hverdag. I denne måned går vi til kamp mod mikroplastik i skuresvampe

Our new initiative, Go Green, starts out strong by poking to one of the things we like the least – microbeads. Microbeads are pieces of plastic measuring less than 5 millimetres, and sadly they’re present in many of our day-to-day products. The tiny pieces of plastic end up in our waste water when we use, wash, or in other ways tear down the products, and obviously plastic doesn’t just decompose in our nature. The waste water ends up in the purification plant, where the water is filtered, but the microbeads are too small for the filter to catch them, which means that they scatter into our environment. And that’s bad

Cleaning agents and tools are some of the big sinners when it comes to microbeads, and today we’re combatting one of the biggest – the scouring sponge. We all know it – the little sponge that comes in all colors. Luckily there are alternatives on the market that are just as good and contain 100% less microbeads (that is, no microbeads). One of the alternatives is the Loofah sponge from Suztain. It scours just as efficiently as the conventional ones and it doesn’t harm neither us nor our surroundings – now that’s music to our ears.

Rudolph Care er naturligvis 100% fri for mikroplast, men vi ønsker os en hverdag hvor alle andre produkter også er fri for mikroplast. Læs med når vi guider til en grønnere hverdag med vores go green tip

Pssst.. Rudolph Care is obviously 100% free of microbeads. The scrub in our Acai Facial Scrub Mask and Acai Body Scrub is natural and biodegradable material from apricot seeds.​

We wish you all a wonderful and green day. ​



Acai Facial Scrub Mask

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Sun Body Oil SPF 30

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