Gorgeously glam for the holidays – at the last minute

If you’ve forgotten yourself amidst all the Christmas preparations, we’ve put together a go-to list of glitzy-glam things guaranteed to make you gorgeous in a flash.


Hair clips

An elegant little hair clip with shimmering stones is the fastest path to Christmas glam. We love the simple hair clips from Danish brand Kanel, which come in a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. They’re also perfect for everyday if you want to pep up your regular jeans look.


A great lipstick can complete any outfit, and there’s something special about opening a brand-new tube. Go all-in with a warm red colour or refine your look with a toned-down berry shade.

Golden Kiss Body Oil

To honour the occasion, change out your body lotion for a shimmering oil. Golden Kiss Body Oil gives your skin a golden glow and works equally well on arms, décolletage and cheekbones. You can also use what’s left on your hands to rub into the tips of your hair for extra shine.

Glitter socks

Long, shimmery stockings under your dress or ankle socks in stilettos are both fun and fantastic to look at. Remember, you can never have enough glitter at Christmas time. Or New Year’s Eve, for that matter.

Nail varnish

Nail varnish takes a bit of time to dry, but it’s an otherwise quick way to add glamour. Try FNUG nail varnish if you want to avoid nasty chemicals, and if you don’t want to use nail varnish remover, the water-based Åcquarella or Nailmatic varnishes (created for children) could be your solution. Simply remove with warm soapy water. And a pretty, glittery top coat is an absolute must!



Aftersun Shimmer Sorbet

100 ml
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Sun Body Lotion SPF 30 - Shimmer Edition

100 ml
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Sun Face Cream SPF 50

50 ml
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Sun Body Lotion SPF 30

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Acai Body Lotion

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Acai Body Balm Limited Edition

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Oil is a must

No oil - no Rudolph Care
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