Guide to teenage skin

lad rudolph care hjælpe på din teenagehud

Whether you’re a teenager with blemishes or an adult with skin that acts like it’s teenaged, Rudolph Care has products that can help you.

First off, it’s important to treat blemished skin very gently. You know full well that you’re not supposed to pick at your skin or pop blemishes, and that the products that you use on your skin should be mild. They definitely should not dry out your skin, and you must provide your skin with plenty of soothing moisture. Tread lightly with exfoliating treatments, especially if you have red, tender acne or blemishes. Although a scrub mask like Facial Mask feels amazing and can remove dead skin, the tiny exfoliating grains may also cause any infection to spread. For the same reason, don’t use a washcloth if you have blemishes – instead, use your hands and fingers when you apply your cleansing product. And using a clean towel every day is an absolute must.

A gentle skincare routine is a great starting point, but it’s also critical to determine whether your skin is oily or dry. Knowing your skin type helps you choose which products can help you get rid of unbalanced skin the fastest.

lad rudolph care hjælpe med din urene hud

OILY SKIN with blemishes

If your skin is oily, it needs a cleanser that can dissolve oil in order to effectively remove the day’s dirt and impurities. But though you have oily skin, you mustn’t dry it out – it has the opposite effect and as a reaction, the skin will produce even more oil, and potentially more breakouts. For you, a drop of Facial Oil will do plenty of good – either directly on the skin before applying your moisturizer, or blended into the cream itself. The oil will not make your skin greasy or cause it to break out, but will balance your skin and, over time, regulate the oiliness.

produkterne der hjælper på fedtet uren hud

Here are the Rudolph Care products that will make a difference to your oily skin


Cleansing Foam – foaming, gentle and non-drying cleansing foam. Remember to use lukewarm water when you wash your face.

Facial Mist – balancing, purifying and refreshing mist. Use it after cleansing and before applying oil/cream.

Facial Oil – balancing facial oil. Mix it into your moisturizer, and apply directly to the skin at night.

A day cream is a must because your skin requires moisture and protection. Especially during cold weather. Choose a light, moisturizing and not too rich cream, and preferably one with soothing ingredients. Anti-Stress Facial Cream is super for this purpose.


lad rudolph care hjælpe med din tørre urene hud

DRY SKIN with blemishes

If your skin is dry, tight, and almost too small to fit into, then you need a cleanser that adds moisture and suppleness while dissolving dirt and taking off the day. Dry, blemished skin needs help with making the skin’s surface suppler, so the impurities don’t build up because they can’t break out. If you don’t have many blemishes Facial Scrub Mask can work wonders. Facial Mist has a purifying effect, but it’s also a good moisture booster for your day cream. That’s because the mist keeps the skin open and receptive to your moisturizer, allowing it to do its work on the skin before the surface becomes too dry and closed. A spritz of Facial Mist during the day will also benefit the skin.

lad rudolph care hjælpe med din tørre urene hud

Here are the Rudolph Care products that will make a difference to your dry skin


Cleansing Milk – can be used without water for the least possible drying effect on your skin. Apply, massage, and remove with a moistened cotton pad.

Facial Mist – moisturizing, balancing and purifying. Perfect before applying cream and during the day.

Anti-Stress Facial Cream – soothing, moisturizing and non-oily cream for day and night.

Facial Scrub Mask can work well for dry skin, provided you don’t have many blemishes. The mask will soften and moisturize the skin barrier so that potential impurities cannot build up under the skin. The mask will nourish the skin and give it a radiant glow. But be careful and use the scrub with a light hand.

rudolph care hjælper dig af med uren hud

But what do you do about the pimples you actually have? Well, you try to leave them alone. Don’t pop. Don’t pick. You can choose to conceal them with mineral powder – it doesn’t disturb the skin, but it provides good coverage. All that being said, your skin may be so out of balance that home remedies just don’t do the job. Consult a skin specialist who can perform gentle deep cleansing so your skin can quickly bid blemishes goodbye and regain its balance. Click here to find the Rudolph Care specialist located closest to you.

Find out more about blemished skin, the reasons it happens and what the experts believe can help – right here.


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