Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil is in many ways a star in the Rudolph family. The award winning oil is pure, concentrated skincare luxury that optimizes the skin with unique properties derived from the acai berry in its purest form. Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil feels like velvet on your skin, provides a gorgeous glow and is scented with a hint of the Brazilian rain forest – fragrant with wood and earth.

Andrea recommends: 
"Dab a single drop of Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil into your mineral powder foundation to leave the skin radiantly beautiful and healthy looking. Massage your face for two minutes with Acai Anti-ageing Facial Oil every morning and evening to get the most benefit from the anti-ageing properties of the acai berry."

Golden Kiss Body Oil boasts the same luxurious oils as the award-winning Acai Body Oil, and is enriched with mica, a naturally shimmering mineral, to deliver glistening golden glamour to the body and selected facial areas. This exquisite golden oil absorbs quickly without greasiness, making the skin instantly soft and supple with a gorgeous, healthy glow. Or try smoothing some Golden Kiss Body Oil over your arms, shoulders, collarbone, and décolleté to achieve a sun-kissed, shimmering glow.

Andrea recommends: 
"I adore Golden Kiss Body Oil because it makes me look more glamorous and festive without using a ton of makeup."

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