Helloooo, Roskilde!

There is no reason to slack off on skincare just because you’re going to be living in a tent (or be tipsy) for four days at Roskilde or another summer music festival. Rudolph Care’s small travel sizes are perfect for this purpose, and if you add a deodorant, sun lotion, a large packet of wet wipes and a lot of tissues, you’ll be ready for almost anything.

Our absolute essentials are cleanser, deo ans sunscreen: 

Acai Cleansing Milk – You don’t need water to achieve clean, lovely skin. Simply rub off dirt with a handkerchief or tissue. You don’t even need to leave the tent!

Acai Roll-on Deo – A deodorant is a must. 

Sun Body Lotion SPF 30 – Choose a sun lotion that protects both body and face – and one that can stand up to sweat and water fights. 


Tell us which beauty product that you can’t live without during festival season and we’ll enter you in the draw for a Rudolph Care Festival Kit for one of this summer’s music festivals. We draw lots on June 24.

The kit, which has a value of DKK 944, contains:

Acai Anti-stress Facial Cream, travel size (33 EURO)

Acai Cleansing Milk, travel size (12 EURO)

Acai Facial Mist, travel size (12 EURO)

Sun Face SPF 30 (33 EURO)

Sun Body Lotion SPF 30, travel size (18 EURO)

Acai Roll-on Deo (22 EURO)



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Bring your favorite product with you on holiday

Acai Cleansing Milk

Acai Cleansing Milk UK

Smooth Operator Serum

30 ml
795,00 kr.
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A Hint of Summer

50 ml
345,00 kr.
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Acai Body Oil

200 ml
495,00 kr.
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Acai Cleansing Milk

100 ml
295,00 kr.
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