How to have a flawless festival season

What you need in your festival toiletries kit will of course depend on whether you’re going all-in with tent, sleeping bag – and the accompanying dragon breath the next morning – or if you’re doing it adult-style and staying in a hotel (or returning home) at night. Regardless of your comfort level, you’re going to need a little freshening up now and then. Here are our festival favourites:


Sunscreen, of course!

Danish summer weather is capricious, but whether it’s sunny or not, your skin will feel the effects of an entire day spent outdoors. Make sure to protect your skin against sun damage with a high SPF sunscreen, and always keep sunscreen in your bag. You may want to put a reminder on your smartphone so you remember to use sunscreen when the UV index increases. The combination of a hangover and sunburned skin is absolutely horrendous!

Cleanse properly

If you want to stay really clean, then Cleansing Foam is your festival friend! It’s highly concentrated and can clean anything from hair and skin to smelly feet and dirty T-shirts. If you won’t be anywhere near water, then choose Cleansing Milk. You can just wipe it off with a paper napkin. Can’t decide? Just let Essentials To Go make the choice for you – you get four types of cleanser, all in mini sizes.

Take along the tooth fairy

A toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste are must-haves, especially if you’re the tent type. Fresh mouth, fresh start!

Do use deodorant

It’s okay to be a little “fragrant” at a festival, especially if you’ve been sleeping in a tent, but it’s also okay to engage in a little prevention. A good deodorant is a must.

Shimmer safely

Being at a festival doesn’t have to be a slovenly experience, and if you have high beauty standards, a sunscreen with shimmer can be a great choice. It lets you combine sun safety and beauty in one shimmering option.

Baby wipe bliss

There’s a good reason that mums with small children love baby wipes. They can handle most dirt and smudges on the go, and keep skin clean. Everywhere! For example, run a baby wipe over your underarm area – it’s enough to neutralise body odour and get you ready for a new day. But remember to choose a pack that’s certified with both the Nordic Ecolabel and the Asthma & Allergy label. That’s your assurance that the baby wipes are fragrance-free and that the fibres are 100% biodegradable.

Grease-free hair

A dry shampoo can work miracles to refresh festival hair. Most are available in small travel sizes, and they can let you go without washing your hair for 2 or 3 days. Your hair will also hold a style much better with the texture and volume added by dry shampoo.

Hand sanitiser

After all, it’s not like festivals are awash in running water and cleansing soap. A small bottle of hand sanitiser can handle the worst – and save you from something even worse.


Enjoy the festival!

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