It will happen in less than ten days …

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Finally. In less that 10 days the very first Rudolph Care fragrance – Signature Notes – is launching. Magasin will be first to put the fragrance on the shelves, and if you come by Magasin Aarhus, Lyngby or Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen, the Rudolph-team will greet you with perfume and morning treats. Please come by and hang out, get acquainted with the scent and enjoy the world premiere making us to very proud with us.

 We are proud because;

- Signature Notes is the first fragrance in the world graced by both an organic certification with COSMOS AND an environmental certification with The Nordic Ecolabel.

- Signature Notes is clear of the 26 fragrance allergens.

- Signature Notes is the scent of Rudolph Care and comes both as perfume oil and regular perfume. Also – the bottles are so pretty!


How does Signature note smell then?

Andrea explains it this way …


The first snowfall. The first strawberries. The first kiss. The first time is intertwined with a special kind of magic.

Signature Notes is Rudolph Care’s first fragrance. It’s also the first fragrance in the world that is both Nordic Ecolabel and COSMOS-certified. And it is the first ever fragrance that is free of 26 fragrance allergens. A small (big) international sensation, created from the same natural fragrance notes I selected for the first Rudolph Care product in 2009 – the fragrance that has since become Rudolph Care’s signature. The scent of Rudolph Care.

Signature Notes is feminine, sensual and understated. It doesn’t steal the show, but it is memorable from the start. And those who encounter it at close range will associate it with you. A perfect balance of sparkling, soft and warm notes – a dash of something you want to pursue.

The fragrance itself is not new. It’s been part of Rudolph Care from the very start. Signature Notes is the scent of Rudolph Care – and when it melts into your skin, it will become your signature.

I’m looking forward to October 2017.


Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph


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