It’s hand cream season

Økologisk håndcreme fra Rudolph Care

Hand cream never goes out of style

Shea butter, wheat protein, sweet almond oil, and a high percentage of acai oil are just some of Acai Hand Cream’s caring and protecting elements. The rich and nourishing hand cream is fast-absorbing and brings intensive care to dry hands. Along with that it also provides antioxidant protection against the changing weather and the lower temperatures.

Cream Soap og Hand Cream fra Rudolph Care - økologisk og bæredygtig luksus

Exfolierende håndsæbe og blødgørende og økologisk håndcreme

A softening combination

Use hand cream as needed, make sure to massage it gently into your hands, and try to remember to reapply it after each hand wash. Try the combination of our new hand soap, Exfoliating Soap, and Acai Hand Cream. Use Exfoliating Soap, which peels, softens, and kick starts the blood circulation with a pleasing hint of menthol and granules from apricot seed and silica. Use Acai Hand Cream afterwards and let it be a caring and regenerating finish every time you’ve washed your hands. Together these two products are the perfect match on both the bathroom shelf and by the kitchen sink. 

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