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Anne Louise Korskilde actually has a past as a sales representative for Rudolph Care, so naturally we are extra pleased about the fresh-pressed juicy goodness. But this isn’t cronyism, because the juices are truly delicious and the idea of delivering healthy juice right to the door is refreshingly well conceived. Happy Juicery is physically located in Vejle, but you can have the juice delivered all over Denmark and you can decide how much you want and when. We had a little chat with Anne Louise;


Why is juice good for you?

Juice is a good opportunity to get more fruit and vegetables than you would otherwise eat in a day. For less hungry and ‘picky’ children, juice can be a way to ‘hide’ healthy vegetables in a tasty juice. The fresh-pressed aspect of the juices means that they are bursting with nutrients. And if juice is consumed on an empty stomach, the nutrients go directly into the cells of the body without having to first pass through the digestive process.


But can’t you just eat fruit and vegetables instead?

It’s not an either/or, but a both/and situation. The biggest difference is that when you eat fruits and vegetables you also get – in addition to vitamins, minerals and nutrients – a lot of fibre. In the juice, the fibres are separated which creates pulp. You can use it in salads, baking, etc. In general, you should remember to eat plenty of fibre with all meals.


What does ‘cold-pressed’ mean, and what difference does it make?

The juice is squeezed directly from the fresh fruit and vegetables, and no heating or cooking is used in the process. This is to maintain the flavor and nutrients as best as possible. However, it is more important that the juice is squeezed slowly (some call it slow juice) and not tossed into a traditional juicer, because it means that the vitamins and minerals remain in the juice for much longer.


Can you cold press juice at home?

Yes, it is quick and easy if you have a juicer. The juice should preferably be drunk immediately or be poured up to the edge in a bottle so it does not oxidise and destroy the nutrients. Putting lemon in the juice also prevents oxidation. If you save the juice, make sure to store it in a dark, cold place.

What is your background?

I am a trained beautician and have worked at skincare clinics as well as at spa hotels as a therapist and beautician. I have always had a natural interest in my clients’ diets because I know that it can have a positive effect on the skin and the wellbeing of the body. Our body is a big machine and it must be taken care of and pampered with the best oils and fuels.


How did you get the idea to do Happy Juicery?

There were several factors that came into play when my idea for Happy Juicery was born. First and foremost was my concern about the many lifestyle diseases which in recent years are affecting more and more people, and how many of those affected simply accept what is happening to them. Perhaps this is because the changes that are needed can seem overwhelming. Food is our medicine and we can do so much to improve the condition of our bodies – ranging from skin rashes to daily aches and pains.

And there was my concern about how people behave at work. We spend between 7-9 hours a day at our jobs, and we must also be available to our families when we get home. But healthy habits are somewhat forgotten at work.

We simply go further on less when we consume the best ‘fuel’. In my wonderful job as a sales representative at Rudolph Care I was on the road for many hours and I never found a quality product similar to what we offer at Happy Juicery. There were either preservatives, additives or water added to the juice. I felt cheated by buying something that was only slightly good.

I bought organic ‘second sorting’ fruits and vegetables from the local farmer – produce that would otherwise be thrown out. I could buy a whole box for between DKK 50-100, and since they were going in my juicer anyway, a couple of spots on the fruit didn’t matter. And it gave me an idea.

Happy Juicery uses fruits and vegetables sourced from food waste schemes and we supply our pulp for making salad or to the local farmers who use it to feed their pigs. Absolutely nothing goes to waste.

Do you have a good juice recipe to share that our readers can make themselves? 

An excellent and tasty recipe that goes with the season is a beetroot juice;


2 Beetroots – detoxes the blood and gives you tons of energy – it’s nature’s ‘doping’!

1 Apple – hides the taste of the beetroot if you are one of those who think that it tastes like dirt, and an apple a day keeps the doctor away …

2-4 gram of Ginger – eliminates inflammation in the body, is good for our immune system and is pleasantly warming as it goes down. If you don’t like ginger, use a pinch of cayenne – it warms you right into your soul.


Read more about Happy Juicery and what Anne Louise and her team can offer you and your body at​ Happyjuicery.dk

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